Zuber Realty holds pet food drive to benefit animal rescue

Richard A. Zuber Realty and Zuber Insurance recently teamed up with Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue, East Greenville, Montgomery County, to restock shelves of food and supplies that benefit a variety of animals that have lost their homes.

Left, left to right: Ashley Jeshonk, TriCounty PLUS Evaluation Service Officer; Kristen Barringer, founder of Logan’s Heroes; Judy Dolansky, Agent and Chair of the Community Outreach Committee at Richard A. Zuber Realty with items collected during a recent pet food campaign. (Courtesy of Richard A. Zuber Realty)

“Logan Heroes was very grateful to receive our donations,” said Jodi Dolansky, Zuber Agent and Chair of the Community Outreach Committee, Judy Dolansky. “We’ve filled our dog food storage cabinet with over 100 different items ranging from dog and cat food to candy, bunny covers, toys and bedding.”

“We are especially grateful to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Liberty Fire Company, New Berlinville, and K-9 Cottage, Day Dog Care Center, Pottstown, for their generosity,” said JoCarol Zuber, certified Zuber Insurance counselor.

The Zuber Insurance Bureau was the drop-off point in Boyertown for donations. Zuber Realty’s satellite office in Royersford, Montgomery County, has offered a second location.

“Our Boyertown insurance office was so full of donations that we gladly accepted,” Zuber said. “It was very heartwarming and showed the love and loyalty people feel towards their pets.”

“The Mutts-N-Munchies event, which took place in East Greenville on October 2, featured a fun day for dogs and their families with great food, vendors, pet photos and dog treats,” said agent Alison Hest.

Free reusable food trucks and shopping bag provided. Complimentary doggie bag, water bowl and special dog treats were provided with VIP passport purchase during the event.

“Pets are family; “Feeding them and taking care of them are essential services,” Dolansky said. “And sometimes, when times are tough, a little extra help with pet food and supplies is needed for dogs, cats, small animals, and livestock.”

“And like the rest of our family, our pets sometimes need medical care, and it can get expensive,” Zuber said. “Pet insurance helps remove financial barriers from pet care decisions, and there are a variety of plans to suit different needs.”

For more information on pet insurance, visit www.zuberinsurance.com; Call 610-323-3300; Or email JoCarol Zuber or Collette Moyer at info@zuberinsurance.com.

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