Winter Hacks Ahead of Thursday’s Expected Snow In Evansville

While we haven’t had a White Christmas…or a cold Christmas for that matter, sub-freezing temperatures and snow will make their way into the Evansville area this week.

As you have noticed, the weather is starting to look a bit like winter outside. It’s only Monday and we’ve already seen temperatures below freezing in the Evansville area. Moreover, we will have several days where it is cold outside which makes it even cooler. The weather is expected to be colder on Thursday when it is said that the low will reach 7 degrees. Oh, and we’re also looking at the possibility of a snow buildup on Thursday as well…maybe up to six inches!

So, we know that snow and cold weather are coming. What can you do in advance to prepare for this? Let’s take a look at some winter weather hacks you can use before the weather we’ll see in the Evansville area this week.

Six things you should never leave in your car when it’s freezing outside

When the weather is below freezing (32 degrees), some items that can be found in your car may be dangerous or not work anymore after being left in the cold for a long time. These things include canned/bottled drinks, electronic devices, hand sanitizer, and even medicines. You can take a look at more of these items and why they should be taken out of your car this week by clicking here.

DIY Pavement Deicer

Sure, you can go to the store and buy a bag of salt. However, did you know that after a while, that salt will eat up your concrete? Not only that but what happens if the stores are sold out? Fortunately, I have a remedy for you that you can put together in under five minutes. I’ve used this in the past years and it really worked. Check it out below:

How to make DIY Pavement Remover

Use potatoes to get rid of windshields

What happens when you’re in a hurry to go to work one day and your windshield is snowy, but you don’t have time to sit there and wait for the snow to thaw? Well, you can plan a little in advance with something you already have in your kitchen: potatoes. That’s right, you can use potatoes to help prevent your windshield from freezing overnight before expected low temperatures. It is fast and easy to implement. Find out how by clicking here.

More winter hacks about winter weather

We have figured out some other winter weather tips/tricks that might be useful to you as well. Take a look at a few below:

Stock up on these winter essentials before it snows

winter is coming! Before a three-foot-tall snowman and no snow suit gets you stuck, make sure you have the essentials to get around this winter and stay warm!

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10 winter driving safety tips from the Indiana State Police

6 Items to Help You Stay Warm This Winter (*As an Amazon Partner, we earn on eligible purchases)

10 things to keep in your car this winter

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