Why Steven Surprising Alina With Cats Was An Awful Idea

In 90’s Fiancé: The Other Way, Alina thought that surprising Stephen with the cats was a “manly gesture,” but most viewers consider his actions inhumane.

Members 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way We think Stephen Johnston and Alina Skordanova’s marriage with cats as special guests was the worst possible idea. When Stephen went carrying boxes around their area in Antalya, so he could pick up the cats and take them to the place to surprise Alina, it turned out to be a gruesome but cute gesture. However, 90 days fiance Fans soon saw Stephen in this supposedly cute plan, realizing that it was just another manipulation technique he was using to bomb a Russian woman, Alina. While Alina tends to forgive Stephen for all of his faults, fans claim him for being a terrible person who irresponsibly puts cats under stress.

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While Stephen might think the cats are people just like him and Alena, they certainly didn’t have an RSVP at his wedding, as they had to stay in the carrier for hours on end. Alina’s love for cats was documented in a previous episode of 90 Days Fiancé: The Other WayAnd She introduced her new friends in Turkey with their cool names. While Alina has not met new people due to the pandemic, Mr. Cuddles, Cucumber, Cactus and Cow Cat become her best friends. “They give me like, good energyAlina admitted, but what Stephen did to the poor animals was inhumane, according to fans. Even Stephen was climbing trees hard while searching for “regulars“They are”very close“But we were able to locate only Mr. Cuddles and Cow Cat, who”She was just chillingOn the same seat.

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On his way to the wedding venue, Stephen also found a different cat, Lazerrunner, because he was cute”And Alina loves cuteness.“After asking for permission from venue managers, Stephen put the cats inside their crates, where they stayed throughout the party. After watching the end, Reddit user, u/BestPastaBolognese, asked what’s wrong with Stephen by writing,”The amount of stress and fear these cats have been through is incredible. For a cat, this is a very terrible scary situation. Other Redditors agreed, believing that if Stephen wanted cat guests badly, he should choose the garden as a venue. Some questioned how long it took to photograph the wedding and whether the cats were given enough food or water while being held in an unfamiliar location.

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Someone asked why no one on the production crew tried to stop Stephen from doing the job. Then again, some viewers were sure this was a file 90 days fiance Product-driven angle to play “Stephen is very nice” Shtick. “If they have ever been out of the house, they know it could be a disaster and possibly a life-threatening situation for the cats. I see what he was trying to do, but he’s really not thinking things through,“Post u/MissyMerman. Thank God 90 days fiance The Twitter page posted that Stephen and Alena’s first stop after their wedding was a neighborhood park, so they could bring their cat guests home.

Cats are known to hate being in carriers, even for shorter periods of time. If Stephen cared about them so much, he wouldn’t have taken them so far from their home in the first place. “Putting an animal in a cage and holding it hostage for that essential reason to “watch” a wedding is absurd,Twitter user @Zsmom54337454 advertiser. However, Alina, who has defended Stephen in the past when fans spotted him kicking a dog 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way I think it wasvery Influential” And “manly gestureWhich proves that he knows her well.

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