Which groceries were most popular in your city? Report finds top-trending foods of 2021

What are the most popular food items in your neck of the woods? (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR/WFXR) Just as our doctors have repeatedly asked us to do so, Instacart went ahead and found out what we’ve all been eating for the past year.

Instacart, an online ordering and delivery platform for groceries, has delved into its data to identify the most popular supermarket purchases across the United States, both nationally and locally. Overall, the results suggest a shift away from pandemic-era purchases (hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, yeast for bread, etc.) and toward more items that suggest a return to normal buying habits.

However, it should be noted that Instacart’s “A Year in the Grocery” report is based on data collected between January 2021 and November 2021, and does not necessarily reflect how our nation’s purchases have changed in response to the dominance of omicron varoceries in the United States.

Another caveat: The report takes into account only Instacart delivery purchases, and therefore provides a limited look at the nation’s grocery-buying habits.

However, the nation’s fastest growing grocery products, at least for the majority of 2021, indicated more on-the-go lifestyle purchases than in 2020. Among them, Americans bought more cereal bars, prepackaged sandwiches, and energy drinks, along with With more traditional home staples like Gemelli pasta and frozen French toast.

Domestically, Instacart data identified the hottest purchases in each of more than 14,000 US cities, at least for the rest of the country.

Here are the top groceries ordered in the following southwest and central Virginia cities compared to other metro areas in 2021, according to Instacart:

  • Buena Vista: juice boxes, frozen pizza snacks, white mix, meat cubes, and flavored or soaked water
  • Covington: yellow corn, margarine, oyster mushrooms, spicy sauces, oriental fries
  • Danville: canned apples, ginger ale, chili sauces, oyster mushrooms, oriental potatoes.
  • Galaxy: Not available
  • Lexington: basmati rice, syrah/shiraz, black tea, red blend, and sauvignon blanc
  • Lynchburg: pork burger, pinot grigio/pinot gris, sparkling wine, muscat/moscato, and canned apple
  • Martinsville: canned apples, fruit-flavored soda, grilled tenderloin, chili sauce, and canned pasta meals
  • Radford: Porter, wet cat food, Royal Gala apple, Klondike potato, oyster mushroom
  • Roanoke: pork burger, wet cat food, chicken salad, cat treats, American-style beer
  • Salem: sugar substitutes, tempranillo, ginger, peanuts, muscat/moscato

In other surprising news, results from a separate survey on Instacart (conducted online by Harris Poll) seem to indicate that nearly half of the population (44 percent) have tried an idea for a viral recipe after seeing it on TikTok or other social media platforms. Namely, we’ve been trying to make baked feta pasta, salmon rice bowls, or “natural breakfast cereals,” at least according to the ingredients we bought on Instacart.

Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s fashion expert, believes this trend is here to stay in 2022.

“Based on the explosive growth of food trends on social media in the past year, we can expect to see more viral food moments emerge and influence the way we plan meals, shop for groceries and cook in the kitchen. In particular, we can expect to see New transfers and changes to our favorite comfort foods, including pasta, stews, and heat-resistant dishes especially as we drive around in the cold winter months.”

Of course, it’s always worth consulting a medical professional before stuffing a lot of whipped pasta with feta cheese into your face this winter. After all, your doctor wants to know.

More information from Instacart’s Year in Groceries report can be found at Instacart.com/2021-delivered.

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