Where’s the Fancy Feast? Some Eastside cats are facing a shortage of their favorite food | Pets And Wildlife

Canned cat food shelves at Vons

Shelves of canned cat food at Fons in East Hollywood.

The shelves of canned cat food at Vons in East Hollywood have been empty for a while. There weren’t many in the Albertsons in Los Feliz either. A shortage has also been noted at Glassell Park Super A on Division Street, and El Super on York Street in Highland Park. In fact, people were finding it difficult to find pet food across North America, Reuters reported over the summer.

But the East Side pet food shortage appears to be limited to some brands of canned cat food. you know. The only kind your cat will eat.

When asked about the pet food shortage, some local specialty pet stores said they didn’t feel it. Not in their stores, anyway. By the way, dog food and dry cat food in these stores seem to be well supplied.

“We’re not seeing anything noteworthy,” said Michael Pavico, owner of Rosie Bunny Bean Urban Pet Provisions in Highland Park. “Maybe there’s a recipe here or a flavor there.”

Shelves are also filling up at Urban Pet in East Hollywood. The humble section at Trader Joe’s is still stocked – of course, with Trader Joe’s cat food. Peter Berman, owner of Rock Dog and Cat in Eagle Rock, recently told The Eastsider that he still has a pallet of cat food to unload.

“Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, there’s been shortages and outages,” Berman said. “But I wouldn’t say it’s more dramatic than it was. It’s limited to a few brands. Things are going back and forth, but it’s probably down 10 percent.”

Turns out, if you can’t find your favorite cat food, your brand will probably have to come in from the outside—and the crates of your favorite cat are currently floating on one of the many ships stranded in the Port of Los Angeles, Pavico noted.

Meanwhile, large empty-shelf supermarkets — at least the ones listed above — seem to rely heavily on Purina products: Fancy Feast, Friskies, and Beyond. (By the way, the dog food and dry cat food in these stores seem to be well supplied.)

Inquiries to Purina were referred to the Pet Food Institute, an information group that represents most US pet food companies.

“Availability of transportation and drivers, as well as weather incidents, can affect the movement of components and finished products across the country,” PFI President Dana Brooks said in a statement. “This could be further compounded by regulatory and commercial developments that ripple the supply chain, such as government incentives for renewable diesel affecting the pet food ingredients market and delaying cargo ships in America’s ports.”

While all of this is settled, there was one place to get a Fancy Feast, if that’s the only thing your cat will eat: Gelson’s in Silver Lake. For whatever reason, their shelves stock a wide variety of products. Just like the old days

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