Where to deploy Fortnite pallets with Cat Food around the IO base

If you need some help finding Fortnite cat food platform locations for one of Marigold’s week 13 challenges, we’ve got you covered. For this legendary mission, you need to place two layers of cat food around the Corny complex in Fortnite. Helpfully, there are only three potential locations around this area and they are all very close to each other. We recommend landing at the Corny Complex at the start of your next match so you can quickly deploy two cat food stands to accomplish this challenge, and then you can focus on winning the match.

Fortnite cat food platforms

Fortnite cat food platform map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

With a loose mole within the imagined system, Marigold gives you a set of tasks at week 13 to excise said mole. For this challenge, you attempt to attract a mole by spreading a pallet of cat food at two of the three potential locations in the Corny complex. All three locations for posting Fortnite cat food stands can be found near the Red Barn in the middle of the Corny complex. You just need to climb to the right spot and interact with it to place the Fortnite cat food platform.

  1. On the way between the barn and the stables: A cat food stand can be found directly northwest of the barn on the path that runs between the barn’s north side and the south side of the gray-roofed stables.
  2. Behind the tractor shed: There is a small red shed on the east side of the red barn. There is another cat food stand behind this shed.
  3. Next to a tree near the barn: South of the barn, west of the small crop field, there is a tree with some rocks and wooden boxes next to it. There is a cat food stand next to this tree.

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