‘What naansense is this’: Food channel’s fancy twist to humble roti gets a thumbs down

It’s not unusual for some of the West’s most popular nutrients to be rediscovered with some fancy names. The latest to join the list is our daily staple roti or volka called ‘balloon bread’.

A video of a recipe showing the steps to mastering balloon bread has baffled Indians all over the world. According to a recipe for balloon bread launched by the popular Food Channel Cookist, makers are asked to add yeast and milk to make the dough, then cut it into a few balls before rolling it.

When promoting the recipe as the “perfect alternative to bread”, people were amused at how it is nothing but a thing between roti and naan or a close cousin of kulcha.

The video and screenshot of the post soon went viral with people wondering how flatbread could be called an alternative to bread.

“Why add yeast and everything else while you can make it with wheat flour? This is Tawa Chapati in India and it’s our staple diet,” one wrote on Instagram, and another added, “It still colonizes other people’s food!”

Also on Twitter, a screenshot from the video went viral, sparking many jokes and sarcastic comments.


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