Watch These Cats Get the Best Birthday Meal Ever

When you think of a cat’s favorite food, as is often the case, your mind probably goes lasagna first. But this is ridiculous! This is just Garfield’s favorite food! Real cat lovers know that cat friends love to eat one thing more than others: fresh fish.

This is Japanese chef and YouTube star Jun Yoshizuki john’s kitchen He knows very well. And he decided to celebrate his kitten with a 100% homemade sushi dinner. Unsurprisingly, the clip went viral. Just two days after going live, a . file was created How to make sushi Your shot has garnered more than 1.3 million views.

Yoshizuki goes all out for the guests of honor. It is cut, cooked and made with care Nigerian rolls All while his cats starve into their eyes. At the end of the video, the kitties are feeding, but not before Yoshizuki plays some little pranks on them. What’s the point of owning a cat if you can’t mess with it, after all?

According to the video description, Yoshizuki used breamAnd Chicken breastAnd tuna sashimibroad beans (or edamame), Japanese spinach, bonito broth, and cornstarch water to make delicious dinners for his feline friends.

Although cats can certainly eat rice, Yoshizuki said he chops up cooked chicken and replaces it because cats like chicken better. What a good cat dad he is!

Watch this awesome (and helpful!) viral video before trying this at home. And while you’re getting ready to serve some sushi to your little cat, check it out How can you drink wine with your cat To complete the party!

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