Watch: Adorable Cat Chef Puts A Hilarious Spin To Viral Cooking Hacks

Lots of kitchen hacks are found on the internet. These simple tricks are intended to reduce cooking time or simply provide us with an easier way to prepare our favorite dish. However, not all of these hacks are practically doable. There is often a gap between the idea behind a kitchen hack and whether it will be purchased for everyday use. An Instagram blogger by the name of @hatlittlepuff took these viral cooking tricks and put them together in a playful way. take a look:

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The videos on the handle feature an adorable cat named Puff. The handle has more than 653 thousand followers, and the videos also spark likes and views in the thousands. The cat acts as a chef and watches cooking hack videos on his smartphone. Next, he tried to recreate the same trick in his kitchen, with disastrous and unexpected results that led to laughter everywhere. The cat’s funny expressions, as well as the method of cooking, make it an addictive watch. Take a look at some other videos with the same handle:

However, not all videos by @thatlittlepuff are about cooking disasters. There are tons of fun recipes and creations made by this cute Cat Chef. Puff makes drinks, eggs, breakfast dishes, and more. Take a look at some recipes:

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Who would have thought our feline friends could be such great chefs, right? We humans can definitely take notes from a great feline chef. Let us know what you think of the cute chef in the comments below.

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