Voff Premium Pet Food acquires sixth brand

Stockholm, Sweden – Voff Premium Pet Food announced on December 14 its acquisition of AniForte, a natural pet supplement product distributed throughout Europe.

The acquisition will add Premium Natural Supplements to Voff Pet Food’s existing portfolio of premium natural pet foods and therapeutic brands. Voff Pet Food brands include Leo & Wolf meat pet food, premium frozen pet food and treats, Oscar pet food and treats, Dibo pet food, treats and chews, BARFGOLD pet food, candy and chews, and Haustierkost Premium Diets. Dogs, Cats & Rodents, High Fat Bird Food Tintin & Talvilintu and now, AniForte Supplements for Pets.

Since its founding in 2014, Voff has acquired six companies, including AniForte. This marks the pet food company’s second acquisition in 2021.

“We have grown rapidly since the company was founded and have been looking for the next step forward,” said Mark Gnotke, CEO of AniForte. “Becoming a part of Voff allows us to take it to the next level. It also allows us to talk about what really matters day in and day out with people in our same situation. We are very excited for the years ahead.”

AniForte was founded in 2014 and today offers a range of natural food supplements for pets, biologically suitable diets (BARF) for dogs and cats, and grooming supplies in stores and online across Europe. The BARF brand philosophy is aligned with Voss Premium Pet Foods. AniForte manufactures its products in a facility in Brüggen, Germany.

“We are really excited to have AniForte join the Voff family,” said Martin Perno, CEO of Voff Premium Pet Food. “AniForte has had a phenomenal journey so far, with strong double-digit growth, strong brands, great products and a great team – we know it is a great addition to our portfolio of brands, as we continue to expand across Europe. This acquisition expands the Voff product range to also include Natural Supplements; another important step in our journey to provide pet owners with the best quality natural products to enable their pets to be healthy and happy.”

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