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Forest Green Rover

The world’s greenest football club – Forest Green Rovers – has announced a delightful new partnership with award-winning brand of vegan pet food and pet care products, HOWND.

The collaboration will see the two work together to “extract” the benefits of vegan options for their four-furred friends through LED advertising on match days and brand partnerships during the season.

Founded in 2015, HOWND is a planet-conscious vegan product for dogs – and they’ve discovered “pets” to transform the dog food industry. With 30% of livestock turning to pet food bowls, the brand has worked to provide choice for 12 million dogs in the UK.

Henry Stiles, CEO of Forest Green Rovers, said: “I have no doubt that football and pets will be closely rated in terms of importance to our fans – and football fans in general.

“So bringing a company like HOWND into our partnership mix, which focuses on both eco-friendly and healthy pet foods, has been an obvious partnership for us – we look forward to seeing it evolve over the seasons.”

Mark Herschel, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of HOWND added: “Football may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it’s a vegan dog brand, but it’s something unique to us.

“For a chance to partner with FGR, the incredibly “green” football club from top to bottom, showing how like-minded brands can work together for the better good. I couldn’t be more impressed by FGR’s sustainability metrics 100% vegan football club, green stadium innovations, the list goes on.

“Our three-year partnership to be their Official Vegan Pet Food Partner is an exciting achievement for HOWND and we look forward to the wealth of opportunities it will provide. Let’s just call this Match Day Made in Heaven.”


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