UNY Supermarket Opens 34,000-sq-ft Tseung Kwan O Outpost Featuring New Gourmet Brands from Japan & South Korea

First dry beef area plus K Food Town next to Japanese pet goods corner and opening concessions

Hong KongAnd January 7 2022 /PRNewswire/ – UNY continues to ramp up its expansion in Hong Kong With a mission to bring a diverse and gourmet shopping experience to local communities! The effort was given a new boost by the newly launched Metro City Plaza Central, the Japanese supermarket’s third outpost in the Hong Kong After UNY (Lok Fu) and UNY (Yuen Long). 34,000 square feet of space featuring quality and seasonal specialties including the freshest ingredients from Japan, along with a wine and beverage corner and a pet supplies corner. The latter is a one-stop outlet of the region’s most comprehensive Japanese brand, with over 1,000 food and supplies for furry friends. UNY (Tseung Kwan O) also prides itself on having a self-owned dry beef service counter, along with an impressive selection of quality lifestyle brands from Japan, Including SawayaAnd KUZE FUKU & Co., And ajino hyoshiro.

Scheduled to open in November, the 34,000-square-foot space features quality and seasonal specialties

Fans of Korean culture will love the authentic tastes of K Food Town They are distributed from Korean delicacies and gourmet brands, such as cooking market, whose Daifuku mochi It captivates nothing but K-pop sensation BLACKPINK; And the brand Grab and-Go commandments known as Inari (Tofu skin) sushi, with creative fillings like quattro cheese, egg, mustard green octopus and spicy pork belly. What’s more than an artisan Korean bakery GOSO GOSO It will delight you with creative toasts, pastries and cakes in Japanese and Korean style. Alternatively, wash down the Coffle peel with a nice cup of craft coffee Equally! Those who really know their beans can also check out a roaster to take home their custom blends!

Japanese supermarket with high quality imported food and first dry aging service counter

UNY strives to provide the highest quality, seasonal foods and ingredients from Japan to Hong Kong. Among the imported specialties, “Nancy pear” is now in season. The new UNY (Tseung Kwan O) is the first of its kind to have a dry beef service counter, where customers can choose their favorite cuts and aging period. Dry aging refers to the process in which meat is hung on the shelf for weeks. Much of the weight is lost in the form of moisture, which further concentrates the flavor as the fat content on the surface dries up to form a crust that seals the juice inside. Juicy, tender and rich in flavour, dry beef is the holy grail of meat lovers!

Besides gourmet specialties, UNY also brings together an exciting selection of lifestyle goods and grocery brands from Japan and Korea, including Mumchit Amber Vanilla Fabric Spray Set, Ebisu Toothbrush, Limited Edition BCL Collection, Happy Elephant Home Cleaners, etc. Sawaya; Soy sauce, broths, jams, juices and senbei crackers from KUZE FUKU & Co.; . Striped Tuna Seasoning Pack ajino hyoshiro. Seasoning packet prepared from dried scallops, striped tuna, seaweed and other Japanese ingredients is a convenient way to prepare Japanese-style cuisine, adding umami flavor to broths, steamed rice, stir-fry dishes and hot pot.

Meanwhile, UNY (Tseung Kwan O) boasts the largest and best Japanese pet supplies corner in the area, which is filled with imported pet supplies including dried foods, canned foods, toys, snacks, and grooming products for dog and cat friends. Lion Bags Tooth Wipes (with an apple scent), tuna jujube and striped tuna rolls, a tunnel stretcher and some hot picks.

Authentic Korean tastes at Hipster outlets

K’s last mad ride, UNY (Tseung Kwan O) taps into the artisan bakery GOSO GOSO And Equally Café to pamper enthusiasts. GOSO GOSO It borrows its name from the Korean term for smell baked food, which fits in with her vision of creating warm and homely delights. The bakery uses carefully curated premium flour, natural yeast, and yodan Dough for making toast, pastries, bread and cake with authentic Japanese and Korean ingredients. Try the kervin – a beautiful croissant and cake hybrid – with cream matcha custard and top matcha Powdered sugar to add depth of flavour. For a delicious bite, the Mentaiko And parmesan cheese bread stands out with a sticky mixture of Mentaiko And melted parmesan cheese and mozzarella. Don’t miss the signature egg tart and white bread yodan bread chain with yodan A paste to achieve a moist and fluffy sensation on the palate. Meanwhile, the Korean style Kentucky Croissant silky wraps Kentucky Stuffing red bean and French butter is in a crusty crust, while this oven-fresh holographic sweet potato cake is a best-selling made with real sweet potatoes and honey—get it before they all run out!

Croffle, as the name suggests, is a croissant-made cake with a choice of toppings. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the heavenly delight is also picture perfect with the sweet shape of a pressed crescent. artisan coffee house EquallyFor its part, it unleashes creativity on top, offering very original and special flavors like Hong Kong style condensed milk and peanut butter toast, matcha with red beans, honey yuzu, pandan kaya, custard with purple sweet potato. There is a wide selection of seasonal single-source beans for coffee lovers to create their own custom blends, plus a workshop to guide them through the process from blending to roasting.

finished in K Food Town At UNY (Tseung Kwan O), an unparalleled range of joints and brands delivers an instant Korean hipster; It includes the famous Korean souvenir shop cooking market. The gourmet digital channel chain is the place to buy delicious souvenirs in South Korea. specialize in fresh korean sweets, cooking market Also sells instant and frozen foods prepared by master chefs. UNY (Tseung Kwan O) outlet will display a selection of Korean delights, including Mochi Daifuku LOVED BY BLACKPINK; Red bean cake and mugwort. and strawberry Digbucky Roll, etc., instant snacks from Korea, such as dumplings and cheese tteokbokkiSweet and sour pork.

Another Korean food that should not be missed is Korean Inari sushi specialty shop commandments. commandments Puts a Korean spin on the Japanese Inari Sushi by blending Korean rice with traditional Japanese flavours. The stuffed tofu pockets also come with creative fillings like quattro cheese, egg, mustard green octopus, and spicy pork belly, with colorful options of Korean dishes, sushi rolls, and sashimi to round out a sumptuous meal.

customers with a 300 Hong Kong dollars or over spend is eligible to redeem a limited edition carry-on bag for 20 Hong Kong dollars (Suggested retail price: 79 Hong Kong dollars); customers with a 500 Hong Kong dollars Or over spend each can replace Bruno’s stainless steel vacuum flask 59 Hong Kong dollars (Suggested retail price: 198 Hong Kong dollars). Limited classes on a first-come-first-served basis.


From now it will also witness the launch of the reward platform dedicated to the UNY – CU App. Registered members can earn 1 point each 1 Hong Kong dollar Spent in online and offline stores of APITA, UNY and GUU SAN. Points can be redeemed for e-vouchers or selected gifts. On top of that, members can also earn extra points for spending in the month of Christmas, along with many other perks and perks!

UNY Tseung Kwan O

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Working hours:0830 – 2200
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About UNY

UNY insists on providing courteous and high quality services to Hong Kong Client. It also offers high quality products from anywhere in the world Japan, providing a one-stop solution that provides the essentials for every household.

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