Union County Shows Its True Colors

Union County was asked.

Union County responded.

After catastrophic damage in western Kentucky with as many as 30 different tornadoes, including several EF4 tornadoes, Union County residents banded together and mostly packed semi-trailers of daily necessities to send to fellow Americans living in the hardest-hitting areas, where they spent Many of them Christmas in shelters, live with friends, families or neighbors, eat out of cans and use Porta-Pottys as bathroom amenities.

So a cadre of Union County residents decided to do something about it. A needs list has been obtained from the Federal Department of Emergency Management and Emergency Services in Kentucky (and Tennessee and Missouri) for items most affected by the tragedy.

Union County came and, with very little advance notice, organized a “drive-and-delivery tour” of the Union County Fairgrounds, gathering enough necessities to fill two-thirds of a semi-trailer.

After word got out that a collection point for needed items was set up at the Union County Fairgrounds less than two weeks ago, hundreds of others jumped in to wonder what they could do to help.

So for the second time, a “drive and delivery tour” was organized at the Union County fairgrounds and so well publicized that residents who didn’t get a chance to make their first “drive and delivery ride” got another shot.

Marysville Police Chief Tony Brooks was there to deliver items collected in a “delivery” “warehouse” at MPD headquarters, as was Mike Schnell of the Leesburg Township Fire Department, as were firefighters from the Marysville Fire Department, as were dozens of Marysville County residents Union who made their way to the Union County Fairgrounds to deliver hundreds of unthinkable items outside the disaster area, while those hurt and destitute inside the disaster area couldn’t do without.

And it hasn’t stopped yet.

One of the driving forces behind this effort was Ryan Piper—along with his wife Nikki—the owner of Piper Contracting, who would kill me just to mention his name in this space, who supplied the semi-trailer, and the arm position. On some county heavy hitters to make donations and his company will deliver the items to where they are most needed. Mr. Piper has at least another load of donations coming from Midway Market today, all of which will be put on pallets, loaded into trailers – again with Mr. Piper supplying the equipment, running himself and doing most of the screaming – and beginning to make their way to Kentucky and heading west in As quickly as possible, as people are affected the most and donations are needed in the worst way.

If those living in the disaster area continue to suffer — some estimate it may take weeks before power returns to some areas — and the word is spread again that our fellow Americans continue to be hurt by the December 10 storm — we at Union County Daily Digital will be sure to Letting our readers know what they can do to help.

That’s what people from Union County do.

The following is a list of items collected during the Two Drops and does not include items that Mr. Piper himself will be getting from Midway Market today.

Personally, I am not a particularly religious person, but I have been writing these heart-wrenching stories of chaos and suffering in Kentucky and elsewhere as a result of these near-apocalyptic storms – and talking at length with both Mr. and Mrs. Piper – Several chapters of the New Testament kept popping into my head. I can’t help but share these words here, which are as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago.

Matthew 25:35-40 KJV

35 Because I was hungry, so they gave me food, I was thirsty, so you drank me, I was a stranger, so you took me.
36 Naked and clothed you: I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison, and you came to me.
37 So the righteous will answer him, saying: “Oh Lord, when did we see you hungry and fed you?” Or we are thirsty and we will drink you.
38 When did we see you as a stranger? Or naked and clothe you.
39 And when we saw you sick or imprisoned, we came to you.
40 Then the king will answer and say to them, “Truly, I say to you, since you did it to one of these least of my brothers, you did it to me.”

Here is a list of items collected as of this morning:

Hand warmers – 548
Mouthwash – 24
Dry Shampoo – 6
Thread (packages) – 105
Canned food (varieties) – 1039
Tissue (boxes) – 104
Blankets – 256
Toilet Paper (Rolls) – 834
Diapers – 3451
Canned food (varieties) – 1063
sponge dish – 39
Dish Soap – 20
Garbage Bags (Boxes) – 90
Dog / cat food (bags) – 58
Candles – 179
Batteries – 221
adult diapers – 70
Lighters / Matches – 115
Flashlights – 104
Eye wash/contact solution – 48
Kitchen Supplies – 42
Books – 46
Paper Towels (Packs) – 127
Water (cans) – 75
Water (jugs) – 18
Toothpaste – 523
Shampoo / Conditioner – 207
Soap Bars – 563
Towels – 372 |
Hand Towels – 249
Laundry – 378
Laundry soap – 35
Baby / Adult Wet Wipes (Packs) – 402
Reflective Vests – 43
Comforters – 28
Underwear (pairs) – 126
Pillows – 32
Feminine Care (Packs) – 260
Socks (pair) – 597
Gloves (pair) – 623
Face Masks – 521
Sterilizing Wipes (Packs) – 208
First Aid / Medicine – 281
Deodorant – 149
Hand Sanitizer – 177
Hand Soap – 68
Toothbrushes – 374
Cipher – 174
Combs – 233
Eye goggles – 30
Gel inserts – 6
Winter hats – 22
Shaving Cream – 5
Raised toilet seat – 1
Fabrics – 2
Play – 52
Paper Plates (Packs) – 15
Napkin (Packs) – 2
Cups (sleeves) – 15
100 pieces of assorted silverware

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