UK Man Finds Spy Camera and Transmitter Hidden Inside Cat Food Box

If you are a fan of spy movies, you will be familiar with the high-tech secret spy devices that are hidden in everyday mundane items ranging from umbrellas to groceries. They provide intelligence to our movie heroes, and while it’s fun to watch them on screen, we wouldn’t feel comfortable standing with one of these items ourselves and being watched, without our knowledge. A man nearly put himself in a similar situation when he discovered a spy camera and transmitter attached to a cat food box he had purchased.

The man, who asked not to be identified, told The Mirror that he had gone to buy food for his two pet cats, Goliath and Lilliput, and grabbed a box of Purina Gourmet cat food from a local store in Crystal Palace, London. On returning home, he put it in his locker but later his girlfriend discovered a hole in the side of the box when she took it out a few days later. On further investigation, the man said they found a camera and transmitter hidden inside. The man claimed that the packaging had been tampered with with a camera lens placed rudely inside and then carefully closed to make it appear sealed.

They even took photos of the device to substantiate their allegations. The man said he was unable to retrieve any kind of footage from the camera and suspects the factory may have planted the camera in the factory to monitor employees.

The camera also does not contain a battery. “I plugged it into a USB port, and I don’t think it held a charge, and it didn’t have a battery. I think it streams to something, it doesn’t store data, but it doesn’t seem to have any power. Maybe it can hold a charge, I might be wrong,” the man said.

The anonymous man said that although they were afraid of it, they kept the camera and transmitter because it was “cool”. He said they kept them in the cupboard facing the side of the wall.

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