Tomlinson’s Distributes 60,000 Pounds Of Food To 35+ Area Rescues For The 3rd Time In 2021

Kate Knecht stopped with Tomlinson at Studio 512 to talk about Tomlinson’s third food distribution of 2021, which includes more than 60,000 pounds of pet food.

What makes this level of food distribution possible?

“Every holiday season, we host a Pet Food Journey in all of our stores. We resident Give up food from last year’s campaign. So much food is donated that our rescue partners can’t eat it all at once, so we broke it down into three distributions throughout the year.”

Is this your third distribution this year alone?

“60,000 pounds is a lot of food: actually the price of two semi-trucks. And it’s a third of the total we’ve distributed this year. It’s a big operation, but it has a huge impact on our local rescue operations.”

What is the effect of that? Who does all this food go to?

“This food is distributed to more than 35 local animal rescues, including local animal shelters, adoption-based organizations, and even a few wildlife rescues. These donations help all of these organizations keep the animals well-fed and healthy Until they can be adopted. By keeping money that would otherwise be spent on food, these organizations can take in more animals with medical needs, etc. And the ripple effect of these food donations continues.”

Learn more about what Tomlinson does for pets in Central Texas at

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