Timberwolf Pet Foods – The Fastest Growing Cat Food in Asia

Premium American pet food brands like Timberwolf Pet Food offer natural balanced diet options for pets.

Orlando, Florida, November 21, 2021 (Globe Newswire) –

US-based Timberwolf Pet Foods has recently been recognized as the fastest growing cat food choice among Generation Z and parents of millennial pets across Asia. By using only 100% natural ingredients and satisfying the innate appetite of cats, the Timberwolf brand has created special recipes for pet parents looking for excellent pet food options for their pets. Each innate recipe provides the nutritional requirements that a growing and active feline needs, and is also known as a nutritional support option for cats recovering from illness.

Unlike many commercial pet food options on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall or Taobao, many of which include large amounts of unnecessary and sometimes harmful additives, each ingredient used in Timberwolf recipes has specific function and benefits that promote a perfectly balanced diet. Natural and supports optimal health. Each Timberwolf recipe starts with a high-quality protein ingredient and is fortified with healthy fats enriched with Omega 3 and 6. This combination of ingredients is noted to support healthy digestion, shiny coats, and help pet parents maintain a healthy weight for their cat.

“Fooding pets the way nature intended is the promise we made to each of our family’s recipes,” said Cam Martin, COO of Timberwolf Pet Foods. “Having gained wide popularity among pet parents globally, we are even more excited by the growth of cat food that we have seen across China. During China’s largest 11/11 or ‘double eleven’ shopping festival, the Timberwolf brand was greatly supported by Chinese pet parents looking for premium options, which quickly moved the brand to the top of the charts.

As pet parents around the world expand their knowledge of the nutritional needs of their pets, the more parents we reach out to inquire about excellent pet food options. There is no doubt that a natural diet is the best diet for pets at every stage of their lives, which is why we have pledged to continue to follow nature’s guidelines for every recipe we provide.”

To learn more about Timberwolf Pet Foods, please visit https://www.timberwolfpet.com/

Website: https://www.timberwolfpet.com/

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