They create a canned cat food from the pupae of silkworms

An agricultural research agency in Taiwan has created the first canned cat food developed using a new technology that uses silkworm cocoons as raw materials.

The new product has been shown to inhibit the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria in cats and even reduce the odor of their feces, since its raw material, the ‘Bombyx mori’ silkworm pupa, is characterized by the production of a group of immune proteins that protect their host during the cocoon stage.

Pupae are part of the intermediate cycle in the life of silkworms, when they create cocoons to pass from larvae to adults, and are one of the by-products produced in the silk production chain. It is generally seen as a waste element, and thanks to this new technology it is used as a healthy food source, since then Contains protein, fats, carbohydrates and chitinAs well as high levels of essential amino acids.

According to Agence France-Presse, consumers welcomed the new product, which is added to flavors such as tuna, beef and chicken. Cat owners say they have seen positive results on their pets after eating them, such as increased appetite, more energy, better coat, and less smell of feces.

With about 1 million domestic cats, according to the Economic Research Institute, the pet food market is a lucrative business in Taiwan, with the new silkworm-based product already selling for the equivalent of about $2,40 a pack.

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