These holiday gifts will keep cats and dogs entertained all year long

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It’s been nice all year round, except maybe for that naughty little wet spot on the odd scratched rug or sofa. But, it’s the holiday season, and your dog and cat deserve a little something under the tree.

We know there are plenty of options, so we’ve narrowed it down to some fun, curious, or especially delicious that you can enjoy with your besties, or furry best friends, this time of year. We promise they won’t go back or back out of these.

crazy for cats

Cats, thinkers at heart, will appreciate technology that makes their lives easier and more interesting, which means they want Catit’s new Pixi Smart Line to eat and drink. Named after the company’s office cat, these clever products allow pet parents to get what they need, even if humans aren’t anywhere.

Pixi Smart Feeder dispenses just the right amount of food at just the right time. WiFi connectivity allows users to schedule daily feeding times and pre-set meal portions using the free Pixi app on any smart device. The large food tank with desiccant pad helps keep dry food fresher for longer.

To take care of kitty’s aquatic requirements, the Pixi Smart Fountain also adds smartphone features so pet parents can control the fountain directly from their mobile devices and receive regular maintenance alerts using built-in WiFi and a free mobile app. That’s not all, as it also offers bristle-friendly stainless steel, state-of-the-art filtration, superior sterilization to keep water clean and various water flow options.

Set the Pixi Smart Feeder to feed your cunning friend automatically.

Set the Pixi Smart Feeder to feed your cunning friend automatically.

The Feeder and Fountain, $129.99 each.

Certainly in a cool category is Catit’s Groovy Fish. Thanks to a motion sensor powered by a rechargeable battery, the toy comes to life when a kitty’s paw approaches it anywhere. Made of high quality canvas and features a catnip bag. While it is aimed at cats, it is also irresistible to small dogs who love the thrill of hunting but aren’t destructive with their toys.

Great Fish $19.99.

Find them all at

Forget the fruit cake

For dogs small and large, Lord Jameson offers made-to-order candy canes with the company’s signature organic gingerbread recipe. Each treat, wrapped festively in organic red and green coconut shreds, is smooth and easy to crumble.

Named after the founding therapy dog, Lord Jameson has formulated a range of 100% organic dog treats that contain no preservatives, artificial colours, flavors or GMOs.

The wand retails for $9.99,

outdoor dog

For the thinking dog and cat, interactive toys are from Outward Hound.

The Matz activity Features 3 fun ways for dogs to play. Owners can hide sweets in a snuff rug, hide accompanying toys or hide food in the treatment room. After the puppy is done playing, the mats fold up for storage.

Kitty keeps you up at night with loud toys and games? Petstages Swat & Play Quiet Mat keeps cats entertained with quiet play. Touch activated, lights flash randomly, keeps cat engaged in quiet stroking and stroking, then turns off automatically when cats finish playing. Peace and quiet is cheap at $21.99.

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Smarty Cats rise to the level of the Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Challenge. Cats caress pegs and spin raindrops to reveal 14 hidden treat compartments. Adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for super intelligent cats. Each puzzle comes with an information sheet, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your puzzle. Swap out your standard bowl and feed your cat from the puzzle to engage their natural hunting and foraging instincts. The game goes for $24.99.

You can find these at

New leash on life

Dogs love to get out of the restaurant and move between cafes, but tying them to the chair with a regular leash is impractical. High5dogs has created what may have the best hands-free parking and leashes for any outdoor adventure.

The company’s CLIC mechanism with its dog parking leash allows the human to wrap the leash around any stationary object, and lock the handle into a carabiner so the pup is completely off. Additional D-ring keeps stool bag holders.

A human can wear a shoulder leash and keep hands free, while a human can still control the dog, whether you’re picking up stool or enjoying your morning coffee.

Both models come in two thicknesses and four colors to meet any size dog. Prices start at $29.95 at

Get into the spirit of the season with the Up Country holiday collar.

Get into the spirit of the season with the Up Country holiday collar.

by arresting him

Up Country always shines with colorful and cute accessories for dog friends, and 2021 is no exception. People can get their furbabies into a holiday spirit dog with collar, thread, and harness designs that this year feature Christmas in the Town, Christmas and of course, Joy!

Made in the USA from $13 to $23, this candy is available at

like playing

PLAY, aka Pet Lifestyle and You, specializes in high-quality, adorable toy combos that include Snack Attack, and all the pleasures of fast food without the calories. Your pup’s sugar rush will never end with this set of toys that range from $9.90 to $13.90 and $56.90 for the five-piece set.

Merry Woofmas’ seasonal music collection features amazing sounds, detachable components, and new Find-n-Seek toys for plenty of tail-shake on Christmas morning. Singles range from $9.90 to $17.90, but why not go for the entire five set, which costs $57.50.

For dogs who enjoy life on the fast track, the Canine Commute Collection is worth non-stop playtime, especially since the toys are made with a protective padding for added durability. There’s the San Pup-cisco cable car, the Lickety Split double-decker bus, the New Yap City taxi, the Barking Bullet Train, and the Fetching Ferry. The cost is $10.90 to $12.90 for single games or $53.90 for a five-piece shebang.

Also from PLAY is a Wobble Ball Interactive Treat Toy in a festive poinsettia-colored version for year-round holiday cheer. The game is slowly releasing rewards, ensuring that puppies big and small will be bewildered by this charm that sells for $18.90.

Cats can also play with Feline Frenzy plush cat toys. From feathery birds to holiday classics, cats will love the creases, rattles, and fun textures of our seasonal USDA organic catnip. Prices start at $7.90.

All and more, available at

fluff & amp;  The 2021 Tuff holiday charity Snowflake serves a higher purpose, as 100 percent of the profits from its sale will be donated to buy dog ​​food at shelters and rescue groups.

Fluff & Tuff’s 2021 charity Snowflake serves a higher purpose, as 100 percent of profits from its sale will be donated to buy dog ​​food at shelters and rescue groups.

sweeter love

Fluff & Tuff’s 2021 charity Snowflake takes on a lot of frum and shake, and the heart-melting game serves a higher purpose, with 100 percent of the profits from its sale going to be donated to buy dog ​​food at shelters and rescue groups. For example, a previous charity holiday game fed more than 64,000 meals to homeless dogs.

Snowflake retails for $16 at, where you also find goodies like the XL Cheetah Bone, a plush bone made of premium fabric. Your dog loves it and will look great in the house. After a day of playing tug and rock, it becomes the perfect pillow.

Retails for $26.50.

Toys, sweets and more: Show your love with these new products for cats and dogs

reward yourself

After all the thoughtful shopping for your four-legged buds, it’s time to treat yourself to pet-themed shopping at Dog is Good ( and Happy Bond (

Dog is Good carries a fine selection of cute t-shirts, t-shirts and similar items that are a must-have under the tree for you and your dog-loving friends.

Happy Bond offers tote bags with phrases such as “I Kissed a Dog and I Like It,” as well as elixirs, candy, foods, and biodegradable personal care products developed by Ziggy Marley.

Maria Sonnenberg is a Melbourne-based travel and lifestyle writer.

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