The Pack partners with UK restaurants for vegan dog food menus

Vegan dog food company The Pack has partnered with some of the UK’s leading restaurants and cafes to offer vegan food to dogs while they eat vegan.

Customers at participating restaurants across the UK will be served a free vegan ‘Dinner Made Right’ of their choice.

Three full flavors will be available; “No Fishy Dishy,” “No Moo Ragu,” and “No Cluck Casserole,” are all made with a blend of legumes, proteins, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.

Dinner Right Dogs will be featured on the menu at the following locations throughout January:

  • Biff’s Kitchen @ Brewdog (Dalston, London)
  • Purity (London, Hove, Manchester)
  • Forger (Brighton)
  • Arpingham House (Norwich)
  • WAVE – We’re All Vegetarian (Hackney, London)
  • Mother (Hackney, London)
  • Parkney Week (Hackney, London)

The pet food technology company, created by co-founders Jodi Nadel and Damian Clarkson, claims to be the first company to produce multiple flavors of a plant-based analogue wet dog food, with three alternative options for fish, chicken and beef.

Their latest collaboration comes as The Pack predicts that 50% of dogs in the UK will be resilient by 2030 and the rise of the ‘dog flex’ is upon us. He cites the “rapidly developing” climate crisis and the shift in consumer attitudes as the driving force behind the rise of “floppy dogs”.

The emerging pet food company, made up of a team of animal nutritionists, scientists, and pet parents, describes a “flexible dog” as a dog that eats primarily vegetarian and vegan food with occasional meat intake.

Jodi Nadel, co-founder of The Pack, said: “Any pet parent can tell you how frustrating it can be to find dog-friendly restaurants.

“So The Pack is thrilled to work with leading cafes and restaurants across the country that enable dogs and their parents to enjoy their food together – and know that they reduce their carbon footprint and paw footprint with every bite!”

Louie Blake, founder of Erpingham House and investor in The Pack added: “We love dogs here at Erpingham House, so it didn’t make sense to put The Pack dishes on our menu. We want dogs and their pet parents to have the best dining experience with us and can’t wait to see how Things are going with customers!”

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