The new Doner restaurant giving FREE kebabs away in Manchester this week

There’s good news for kebab lovers this week — a massive new doner restaurant plans to offer some free food to customers on Thursday.

German street food brand Döner Shack is celebrating the launch of its new store in Manchester Arndale by serving Berlin-inspired kebabs over four hours on November 25 between 11am and 3pm.

Hungry kebab lovers will have to come in for the free flavour – but be warned, it’s likely to be popular.

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The new location in Halle Square will become the main northern location for Döner Shack, which opens to the public for the first time starting Thursday.

A look at Doner Shack’s upcoming menu in Manchester

Besides the doner, chicken shawarma and freshly baked artisan bread, there will also be curry wurst, halloumi, falafel and vegan schnitzel priced from £6-9, with a selection of milkshakes, German soft drinks and beer on the menu.

“We can’t wait to introduce the people of Manchester to the authentic taste of Berlin Doner Kebabs filled with high-quality meat, fresh salad and delicious sauces,” said Sangev, co-founder and managing director of Döner Shack.

“We are incredibly excited to be opening in Manchester Arndale, and understand now more than ever that people don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality, taste and their dining experience.”

Döner Shack says it aims to “challenge the status quo of kebabs in the UK by offering unparalleled ingredients and ethically sourced convenience and speed”.

Doner Shack also boasts a range of milkshakes

They say their shawar contains twice the amount of lean meat you’ll find in British kebabs.

“We want to change people’s perceptions of kebabs and for quality kebabs to become an everyday option for takeout,” says Sanjeev.

“Whether it’s a snack while shopping, grab and go during a busy lunch break or a fun evening with a group of friends.

Kebab at Doner Shack

“It’s time for a new generation of street food and we’re thrilled to lead the way.”

Meanwhile on Thursday, there will also be 50 giveaway kebabs at Sadler’s Cat in town celebrating their new MorMor stay.

Known for its colorful and exquisite Levantine-inspired food, MorMor at Sadler’s Cat serves a menu focusing on kebabs, appetizers, and small plates from 4pm-9pm Wednesday through Thursday, 2pm-9pm Friday through Saturday and 12pm-7pm Sundays.

Sadler’s Cat is operated by Cloudwater Brew Co in Manchester and opened in the summer at the former Pilcrow site, serving as a contemporary community pub in the heart of the NOMA neighborhood.

MorMor Levantine Kitchen serves kebabs at Sadler’s Cat in Manchester

MorMor is a family run business of brothers Hugo and Josh Monypenny. Their menu is locally sourced, fresh, seasonal and where possible, organic.

It draws deeply on meals rooted in Middle Eastern, North African, and Mediterranean street food, all with their own modern twist.

Speaking about the show, MorMor Director, Hugo Monypenny said: “Kebabs, street food, appetizers and more. Inspired by the flavors, cuisine and colors of the Levant. Homemade, sourced locally and seasonal. Beer food makes you feel good.”

To celebrate the launch of the kitchen, Sadler’s Cat and MorMor is giving away free kebabs to the first 50 people to download a coupon from Sadler’s Cat website, valid only on November 25.

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