The Honest Kitchen debuts all-new cat nutrition portfolio

SAN DIEGO — On November 1, The Honest Kitchen introduced a powerful new line of human-grade foods, desserts, meal covers, and supplements. Formats include complete, balanced dry, dry and wet diets, high protein treats and wraps, wet wraps, and a goat’s milk hydration fortified food supplement.

“We have spent over two years developing our new cat wallet, conducting extensive research dedicated to better understanding the needs of the modern parent of cats and their beloved pets,” said Mike Stick, chief marketing officer of The Honest Kitchen. “We are confident that we are introducing something new and exciting.”

The new dried cat food line – which will replace complete and balanced dried cat food – has been reformulated to improve palatability. These diets, along with new dry foods for cats from a whole food group, are designed for adult cats and kittens.

There are three dried options: grain-free chicken, grain-free turkey, and grain-free chicken and fish. Wet cat foods will be offered in two forms, Minced and Katie™, each in five formulas with chicken, turkey, duck, beef, salmon and cod proteins. Chopped recipes are prepared in bone broth.

In addition, the company launched a new high-protein line of Smittens® Dehydrated Foods and Mmmixers™ Wet Meal Covers. Smittens are available in three recipes: herring, herring, cranberry and whitefish. The Mmmixers line includes two formulas: chicken and duck, salmon and pollock.

To complement the best-selling goat milk for dogs, The Honest Kitchen has introduced a similar product for cats made with probiotics. Goat’s milk supplement can be served alone to encourage hydration or poured over food to add moisture to a dry diet.

All ingredients for the entire portfolio are sourced from human food supply chains, and the products are manufactured in a human grade food facility. The formulas were developed in collaboration with a board-certified veterinary dietitian, according to The Honest Kitchen, and contain no artificial ingredients, feed ingredients, by-products, fillers, or GMOs.

“Our team has worked hard to understand the unique nutritional needs, taste preferences and curiosity of cats, to craft a range of products with a variety of textures and flavor profiles that are totally irresistible — even for the most discerning cat owners,” said Lucy Postins, Founder and Chief Integrity Officer at The Honest Kitchen. We’re really excited to help more cats get on the right track with this comprehensive new line.”

Honest Kitchen’s new meal covers, cat treats, and goat’s milk supplements are now available at independent pet retailers, on the company’s e-commerce site, and on other approved e-commerce platforms. New Whole Foods combinations and wet formulations will be available from January 2022.

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