The Future of Sustainable Pet Food with the Co-Founder of Because Animals

On episode 117 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I spoke with Shannon Falconer, co-founder and CEO of Lans, Animals, about the future of sustainable pet food. If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate and review the show. It’s a big help. Thanks!

Shannon Falconer is a scientist with expertise in cell culture, the microbiome, and studies of chemical, genetic and molecular mechanisms of action. She is the co-founder of Because Animals – a startup that uses science to create sustainable meat and cat-based pet foods.

Shannon and co-founder Josh have volunteered for years at the same cat rescue in Toronto. There they helped improve the lives of homeless cats and relieve the overpopulation of feral and feral cats. But the problem they really attached to was what they were feeding those cats: over-processed, supplemental meat from animals that cats weren’t supposed to eat. And more than that, factory farms, the source of the vast majority of pet food, are devastating to the climate, our environment, and the lives of farm animals.

The future of sustainable pet food with co-founder Because Animals

And so, while Shannon was working as a microbiologist at Stanford University and Josh was finishing his MBA from Indiana University, they came up with a solution to a problem they thought a lot about: How do we feed our pets without harming other animals or the environment? Answer: Because animals.

About Because Animals and Sustainable Pet Food

Because Animals is a startup with a big mission: to make the most nutritious and sustainable pet food for dogs and cats on the planet – without harming any animals or the environment.

By supporting because the animals will help end raising farm animals for slaughter. With fewer factory farms, we will reduce the devastating effects they have – on our rainforests, our oceans and our climate. Most importantly, you will also help create safer and more nutritious food for our pets.

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