The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Santa Cruz, California

Known for its twenty-nine miles of beaches, Santa Cruz entices visitors with surf, sun, and the Coney Island Beach Boardwalk. However, time to eat, you are not limited to calamari and corn dogs. In recent years, Santa Cruz has upped the food and drink game while maintaining its lively surfing and outdoorsy culture. Translation: You can enjoy gourmet Neapolitan pizza in shorts, and sip handcrafted cocktails in a slipper.

The area is awash in farmland—near Watsonville has been the epicenter of frozen food packaging for much of the 20th century—and fresh, organic produce fills the local menus. Plus, the recent explosion of craft breweries makes it one of the most exciting (though not often underestimated) beer destinations in California. You’ll also find local craft brews sitting next to cotton candy on the beach boardwalk.

Next time you head to the birthplace of surfing, here’s a place to soak up the latest in Santa Cruz’s contemporary dining scene.

Health experts consider eating out to be a high risk unvaccinated activity; The most recent data about the delta variable indicates that it may represent a file Low to moderate risk of vaccination, especially in High-traffic areas. The latest CDC guidelines are Here; Find the COVID-19 vaccine website Here.

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Noticeable: Restaurants on this map are geographically listed.

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