The 26 best gifts for cat lovers purrfect for Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas, and happy paw bags to all the cat lovers out there.

Puns aside, if you have a certified cat fanatic on your gift list this year, finding the perfect gift for them doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sorry, we promise the pun is over and we’ll be on the (mouse) hunt. If they have a cat, we have a range of fun cat toys and accessories that both the owner and the cat will love.

For those who want to show their passion for furry cats in other ways, we also have suggestions for clothing, home décor, and other things that will keep anyone from asking if you’re a cat or dog person again.

Read on for the best cat-lover gifts you’ll want to get before the holiday gifting season begins.


Let all of your holiday guests know this is a cat house without a word being said. This ModCloth doormat is a great holiday gift as well as a housewarming gift, making home in a cat house.

A gold necklace with a black stone in the shape of a cat
Kendra Scott

Wear the cat owner’s position around your neck with this adorable Kendra Scott necklace. The cat pendant comes in three different colors to match any mood as well as the option of a bracelet for $40.

A mug with cartoon cats all over the place
Red Bubble

Kittens, kittens and more kittens. Start your day right with a cup of coffee or tea in this adorable cat mug from the artists at RedBubble. The mug is microwave safe, but not resistant to cats when they want to lift it off the table or dip their paws in for a treat.

A claw shaped sock with Bella's name on it

We know the cat is part of the family, but help make it official by stocking her up by the fireplace. Frisco paw stocking is sold at Chewy and can be customized with the cat’s name of your choice.

Purina cat food advent calendar

Why should humans have all the fun leading up to Christmas? Give your cat a calendar of her own with this adorable feast filled with a variety of wet food flavours. This is for adult cats and comes with 24 cans, which may carry over after the holidays for an extra treat in the New Year.

Black umbrella with cat face and ears
Kate Spade

When it’s raining cats (and dogs) let this cat umbrella help keep your coat dry. Kate Spade made this adorable canopy to resemble a black cat, with ears and a whisker design on the front.

Purple embroidered bracelet that says
Little Words Project

Honor the status of the father of your fur baby with these two little words. The Cat Mom bracelet is a bestselling Little Words Project and is perfect for a gift for a new parent. The coolest part is that you can register the bracelet online and then watch as you pass it on from friend to friend, all over the cat-loving world.

purple cat stuffed animal

Because when your cat doesn’t want to cuddle, this will do the trick. Squishmallow is a limited edition design sold at Claire’s, making it a desirable plush for all collectors.

A golden necklace with a claw inscription
Made by Mary

Wear your little one’s fur paws close to your heart at all times with this necklace made by Mary. The necklace comes in three metallic colors including gold, rose gold, and silver, and two lengths of chain for the ultimate layering accessory.

blue cat bed
cat person

Dream about tuna and mice this holiday instead of sugar in this new bed from Cat Person. It comes in three fun colors and can be converted from a canopy for cats who love privacy to a round bed with a shorter collar when the cat wants to monitor her kingdom from the comfort of her perch.

cat playing cards

There is no trick here. These cards are the perfect gift for the card player, magician, or casual cat collector, sold at Anthropologie. They are currently in late order until December 5th, so be sure to add yourself to the waiting list to be the first to get your paws at this present time.

Blue cat laundry bag

Clean up your cat with these storage bags approved by Marie Kondo herself. The bags are sold on their KonMari website and are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton canvas.

Gray Pusheen Stuffed Animal

We’re adding this to our holiday wish list, wink wink. Pusheen plush is a great gift for a child cat lover or an adult, adding some cute cat decor to any space.

AirPod Case White Cat

Keep the headphones away from the cat, safe and sound in a cat case instead. The Shiro Cat Case is sold on the cool Smoko website, and it can fit AirPods Gen 1 and Gen 2.

sleeping cat decoration

Do not sleep on this wonderful gift. Cat Nap Ornament will put a smile on anyone’s face when decorating the tree or when the holiday party is finished, now on sale at Anthropologie for the holiday season.

Cat magazine orange book
Urban Outfitters

This book makes a great gift for a new pet parent or an older parent who wants to remember their younger years and beyond. The picture book from Urban Outfitters has pages and prompts for every wonderful moment in your cat’s life, from selfies to a page of favorite foods and toys.

Phone case with a cat face peeking out from the bottom

We all know the cat is always watching. Take that feeling with you with this silly cat phone case from Casetify. Fits a range of phones, so be sure to check the make and model of the recipient’s phone before paying.

Set of wine amulets and white wine glasses
On the table

Keep your paws away from someone else’s wine with these sleeping cat spells. Not only is this a great gift for cat and wine lovers alike but it’s a great hosting idea to make sure no one drinks from the wrong, sober, or sloppy glass.

A pillow with many cats on it
Gun Paper Company

Hello, all adorable kittens and kittens. This pillow is a great way to show your love for cats and a great gift for the homeowner who needs some cat decoration. The pillow is embroidered and can come alone, filled with a polyester pillow or even a feather pillow for an extra cost.

cat monopoly game

Forget about possessions and cash when you have litter boxes and all the fish bones you could possibly want. This Cat-opoly is a hearty gift for the whole cat-loving family, as cats take on the classic Monopoly game.

Red and green train cat climber

All on the Gift Train! The train-shaped toy serves as a scratching post to help tame their nails and a hiding place for endless playtime and cat naps, and sells at Target for just $25.

A book called Hats on Cats

The Cat in the Hat is old news when you can get yourself a book with hats on cats. The book “Hats on Cats” from Target comes packed with over 50 pictures of cats in hats (duh) with funny captions to match, making it the perfect White Elephant gift, Secret Santa gift, or coffee table book.

A game called Cat Crimes

Refine your logic and try to outrun these little criminals in this puzzle book. It comes with 40 different puzzles to solve and is great for car rides or vacation travel games as well as solo crime solving adventures.

a book called "I can pee on this" A poem book for cats

The book is not wrong. Honor little troublemakers with this silly book of poems, written from the perspective of cats and kittens themselves.

A stack of measuring cups in the shape of cats

Measure, treat, or reserve your cat’s dry food for your baking needs. No matter what you choose to do with them, they make measuring easy, with distinct tails and small feet so they stand upright while cooking.

A woman in a white shirt with a "I heart cats" Shirt

This one needs no explanation for true cat lovers. The shirt is sold at Walmart and comes in white pictured above and baby pink as well, and ranges in size from women’s small to 5XL.


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