PURR-FECT POTTY : Litter box tricks for your cat or kitten | Lifestyles

Did the new year bring a cat or kitten into your life for the first time? You probably know that cats are good at using a litter box—which may be what drew you to one as a companion—but did you know that you can take steps to help prevent cats and kittens from thinking (or … Read more

Editorial: Start the new year by adopting a shelter pet | Editorials

The story of Ellie, the three-legged dog, should inspire people to start the new year with a new member of the family, a cat or dog from one of the many shelters in the area. Haley Robinson, the Humane Society’s program director for Washington County, said Ellie was a normal dog living a normal life … Read more

Adoptions temporarily closed at Racine Wisconsin Humane Society; foster families needed | Local News

RACINE – The Wisconsin Humane Society has temporarily halted pet adoptions from Racine, Ozuki and Dor County campuses due to staff shortages linked to the pandemic and a shortage of volunteers. According to a statement, WHS will only offer adoptions from the Milwaukee and Green Bay campuses “until further notice.” Some animals may be available … Read more

Animal Doctor: Pros and cons of neutering dogs | Lifestyles

Knowledgeable veterinarians, taking into account the needs, ages and lifestyles of their clients, as well as breeds and sizes of dogs and puppies, can advise on this issue of spaying and neutering. There is no one-size-fits-all protocol. Dear Dr. Fox: My 14 year old Tinky cat is eating well, but she is bloated and seems … Read more

Therapet donates almost 450 pounds of dog, cat food to Meals on Wheels East Texas | Local News

Walter the Beagle wore a Santa Claus hat and beard on Thursday morning as, with the help of Therapet’s jacket and his human friends, he became the pet Santa Paws at Meals on Wheels East Texas. Two-year-old Walter checked each bag of food – even the cat’s – with several sniffs and gently snapped some … Read more

STAWAR COLUMN: Cats and Christmas | Opinion

Christmas always reminds me of cats. But in my opinion, cats and Christmas are like oil and water, they don’t mix. This is especially true when it comes to Christmas trees. People Concerned with the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) say, “Much like knowing your cat will inevitably scratch the sofa at some point, it’s … Read more

Walla Walla pet sanctuary needs help caring for cats seized from scandal-rocked Tri-Cities shelter | Social Services

After seizing dozens of sick, malnourished and abused cats from the scandal-hit Tri-Cities shelter that was raided by Pasco police on November 11, Walla Walla-based Silver Cloud Sanctuary is asking the public for help with its extensive veterinary bills. An influx of nearly 50 cats from animal shelters in Tri-Cities in the past month doubled … Read more

Animal Doctor: The ‘green’ humane and healthful pet food revolution | Lifestyles

The good news for pets is that many pet food companies are now looking at this bigger picture and looking for and including human-produced, eco-friendly ingredients. Of particular note is the Wisdom line of dog food from Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Earth Animal brand. This is a low carb, high protein and meat diet using sustainable … Read more

Zesty Paws introduces Pill Wrap supplement

Orlando, Florida. – Pet supplement brand Zesty Paws launched its Pill Paste on December 1, available exclusively through Chewy.com through May 2022. The product is designed to help dog owners easily administer medication and pills, while providing functional probiotics to support gut health and immune system. Zesty Paws’ new bacon flavor pill wrap comes in … Read more