Surprising reasons why your cat follows you everywhere

I think we can all agree that cats are a bit of a mystery sometimes, especially when they follow us and check out what we’re doing, and while the main reason it’s mostly food, we’ve made a list of surprising reasons behind this interesting behaviour.

If your cat is still lying dormant and meowing after you give her food, this is probably her way of telling you that she needs a change in diet, which means her meal wasn’t satisfying or she might want more.

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This does not necessarily mean that you need to feed your furry friend, but as cats get older their nutritional needs change; So you may want to watch if they seem to lose weight or their coat looks dull.

Cats consider their owners to be their human “mother,” so this may be their way of feeling protected. This also happens if they suffer from separation anxiety, and if they are absent for a long time, they will need more attention.

Your furry friend might get bored every now and then, if that’s the case he might be in the mood for a play session. Remember, this is the perfect time to develop a bond with your pet!

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Some cats are great communication tools, perhaps trying to tell you that they don’t feel good. If your pet appears to be in distress, with unusual and severe body movements, accompanied by meowing, you should consider making an appointment with your vet to rule out any health concerns.

Cats are also incredibly curious, they love to explore everything, especially if they smell different things, from following you to the kitchen, discovering new scents in the laundry room, or making the bathroom their little playground.

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