Super Auto Pets: All Equipment, Ranked

small game named Super Auto Pet It was launched recently, thanks to some content creators and creators who have been completely obsessed with the game.

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And now, what used to be an adorable little robot warrior populated with animal emojis and a niche community is now a battleground for veterans and tower defense players for power. And like other modern versions, the equipment in succulents He’s kind of the star of the show. So, to help out with those who are struggling and don’t know what to do, let’s take the food/equipment in the game, and talk about what to look for.

Apple: basic as it gets

Super Auto Pets - Apple in-game PNG element added on a pile of apples

The first is Apple, a first-class food that’s as iconic as video game food. They appear along with honey for the first and second rounds. It’s not like +1/+1 is bad or something else, it’s worth grabbing the first couple of rounds, but there’s rarely a scenario where it’s a worthwhile buy after that. The only scenario that makes some sense later is:

  • Buy it with three gold left to feed a worm, seal, beetle or beetle.

  • Run from two to three rabbits, given the ability of a rabbit (think of it as a Pokemon ability) gives extra health to pets that eat Shop Food.

  • The player plays the Black Cat early.

Today’s video games

Cupcake: AKA flexors

Super Auto Pets - In-game cupcake element PNG superimposed on a similar looking cupcake image

Next up is Cupcake, the only temporary staple of all foods. However, there are some worthwhile uses for the +3/+3 temp, otherwise the hatching chick won’t be very useful.

For example, all food-dependent animals that deserve to be fed apples also deserve to be fed a cupcake. Second, sometimes +3/+3 is all it takes to get to the top for the next battle, especially in the previous rounds.

Honey: the lifeblood of building horses

Super Auto Pets - In-game honey element PNG added to the image of custom-made honey pots in real life

It may seem strange to rank first-class food over second-tier, but honey has more practical applications. First, a 1/1 honey bee can make a huge difference in early game battles.

Secondly, summoning a honey bee releases a lot of abilities in other pets like horse, turkey, shark, kangaroo, dog, bull, snake, etc. And third, throwing honey on the last unit in the team turns any tie into a victory, thanks to honeybees counting as leaving a unit alive.

Chili: the unsung hero against deer, scorpions and rooster

Super Auto Pets - In-game chili element PNG overlaid on the image of a pile of chiles in real life

Jumping all the way from the first level to the fifth level, Chili is next. Now, doing any damage to the pets (no, not the company) may seem like a big deal, but remember that Splash Attack only deals a maximum of five damage to the unit behind the unit that has been hit.

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This is insanely good against scorpions, deer, Melon Armor, and Rooster Chicks, but not by much. It’s good, but not the weakest option at its level.

Steak: All you need is one good swing

Super Auto Pets - In-game steak element PNG added to steak image

Finally, the first order of 6th level food, which is a steak item. Steak is basically a better version of the Meat Bone item, but it only applies to one attack per battle, rather than per attack.

However, it’s great to put on a unit that’s kept just for sizing, like a rabbit, monkey, or penguin. Steak gives them a chance to actually contribute to the fight.

Meat bone: stimulants for lean pets

Super Auto Pets - In-game meat bone element PNG superimposed over the image of a meat bone similar in real life

While Steak is statistically the better version of Meat Bone, Meat Bone is superior overall, simply because it has so many rounds to use, being a two-pack and all. Plus, let’s be real, meat on the bone is a symbol, which is why it always appears in animations and games like monster hunter.

In the last rounds of succulents, Most of the fights are dictated by a series of one-hit KOs, but in the beginning to mid-game the pets hit each other multiple times quite often.

Salad: artisanal rabbit food

Super Auto Pets - In-game salad element PNG wrapped over the image of the actual salad

Salad, although randomly distributed, is a good buy, but only if the player loves his current team and is not about to sell any of them. However, the next food item of the multi-distribution to appear is sushi, and it does not appear until a couple of levels later. Salad goes from decent to amazing if the player is currently managing a rabbit of any capacity.

Mushrooms: The Iconic Item in Troll-Builds

Super Auto Pets - An in-game mushroom element PNG superimposed on an actual mushroom image, very similar

Mushrooms have always been an iconic plant, which is why there are so many Mushroom Pokemon. The mushroom item, in particular, was rather mysterious for a while succulents I first started getting new players.

At this point, players have mostly figured it out, using mushrooms as a way to bring back sniped tigers/snakes or get double the use of deer, mammoth or eagle.

Pizza: just a better salad

Super Auto Pets - In-game pizza element superimposed on the whole pepperoni pizza image

Funny, while Salad is the perfectly healthy option, pizza is commonly said to be the most delicious choice.

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And it seems, you know The devs agree with that sentiment, because the pizza ingredient is just a better version of the salad. So, for all reasons, the salad is good, the pizza too, but more than that.

The sleeping pill: way more apps than one might think

Super Auto Pets - An in-game sleeping pill item covered in the image of a woman holding a pill in front of the camera

How crazy is that an item that literally KOs Pets is the best in the game? Just go to show it succulents It is a deeper game than many people might expect. Just to name a few (among the many) ways to use birth control pills:

  • On an ant, flamingo, or mammoth they will permanently give off their “faint” luster.

  • A “faded” turtle to give the unit behind Melon Armor early.

  • Both the Spider and the Eagle summon the next class of pets before that is possible.

  • When used on a pet in front of a bull, it releases his ability, permanently giving the bull’s armor a melon and a +2 strength.

Pear: Cousin of refrigerated apple

Super Auto Pets - In-game pear element PNG superimposed on the image of a pile of pears

Random buffs are great and all, but nothing beats being able to decide where a player goes. Pear is just a better version of Apple, but +2/+2 isn’t a bit better than +1/+1 in succulents;

With a black cat that +2/+2 becomes +4/+4, on a worm it gives a total of +3/+3, and with a rabbit it gives +2/+3. Usually an apple isn’t worth buying beyond the second round, but a pear is always worth that.

Sushi: again, like salad, but more food to go around

Super Auto Pets - In-game sushi element PNG superimposed on the image of actual sushi

What do people expect from the fifth class of food, sushi, because the salad gives two animals + 1 / + 1 at random?

Well, she gives three pets + 1 / + 1! The problem is that by the time the 5th level food appears, +1/+1 won’t mean much. Again, this food item is mostly for those who manage worms, rabbits, chickens, seals, etc.

Canned food: the ultimate investment

Super Auto Pets - In-game canned food element PNG superimposed on the actual canned food image

Lots of people sleep on canned foods. Although there is no way to “make” high level food items appear early, as for pets by combining three of them in a second level unit, canned food can still appear in the seventh round.

And if that happens, players must either invest in it or freeze it. One canned food doesn’t do much. But once you use two or three, players will immediately notice that they can only get pets from the store and have them play on their team without any extended investment.

Melon: Big First Armor

Super Auto Pets - The in-game watermelon PNG element is overlaid on the image of the watermelon on which the element is based

Finally, it has descended to the top three nutrients. And it is very likely that no one will be surprised by the top three, because they are the most obvious choices. A bronze medal may surprise a few people, because it puts a watermelon under the garlic. The reason is this way:

  • While Melon deals up to 20 damage on its own, no animal does 20 damage per hit until about the seventh round or so, while reducing garlic per hit is consistently beneficial up to this point.

  • Garlic directly resists most summons, while watermelon withstands a single big hit or scorpion.

  • Once Melon Armor is popped, that’s it, he goes for the round, while the garlic is there until the animal is KO’d.

Watermelon is amazing at the end of the game, but not as universally beneficial as garlic.

Garlic: What turns a pet into a tank

Super Auto Pets - In-game garlic PNG element covered with whole garlic clove images

Let’s find out all the ways Garlic can save you time early:

  • It hits summon builds, as do all early summoned units with between two and five damage damage, which turns out to a maximum of one and three per hit.

  • It works just as well for malicious influences like Hedgehog or Badger, which makes experimenting with those builds more viable.

  • It makes the pet a support type, allowing their abilities to run more, like camels.

Garlic is the best defensive element in the game until the last rounds, and even then, it’s a great alternative while players wait for more Turtles + Pills or Melons to appear in their stores.

Chocolate: an essentially rare dessert

Super Auto Pets - Chocolate in-game PNG element overlaid on an unrolled chocolate bar

Was anything else going to be number one? Of course, it’s the chocolate food ingredient. Show a piece of chocolate is the difference between:

  • Give your turtle his watermelon shield to one pet or his back.

  • Octopus has some tank stats or deals five damage to all enemies before each attack.

  • The rooster spawns one, two or three rooster chick.

These are just a few examples. capacity in succulents Absolutely essential to late wins, and chocolate makes that possible.

Super Auto Pet It is now available and can be played for free on both PC and Android devices.

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