Stray Cat Colony Enjoys Home-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner in Wholesome Video

The moment a colony of feral cats receives their home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, hearts melt online.

Courtney, a Tuscon, Arizona resident, known online as @poetssquarecats, shared Thanksgiving snapshots with the “semi-feral” cats she’s caring for. Her video was originally posted on TikTok, where it garnered just over 100 likes, but went viral on Reddit, where it has garnered over 43,000 votes.

She crafted organic chicken for cats into fancy dishes, along with cat-friendly vegetables, before serving them outside.

“The kitties eat a cat-safe meal of Cornish grouse hen (no skin, bone, or fully cooked white meat with no spices or butter), mashed potatoes (only potatoes, no buttermilk, garlic, etc.), pumpkin puree (only pumpkin, no pancake seasoning). or sugar), green beans, the smallest piece of cranberry purée, a sprinkle of Cat Candy Temptations, and a turkey-flavored Friskies broth, she explained in a comment.

Kourtney has cared for feral cats for about a year, after finding out when she moved into a new home. You give them two meals a day and make sure your vet’s needs are met.

“They get cared for and have warm shelters. Lots of treats and toys for the cats. I assure you the cats are well cared for as well as getting the sweet Thanksgiving treat,” she wrote.

“We have adopted many of them, and those who remain are healthy, stable, and very rotten.”

Kourtney assured Reddit users that cats are spayed and neutered, in an effort to prevent any more strays being born. “It was so overwhelming when I started,” she wrote.

“A lot of them were pregnant and gave birth to two of them in my driveway while I tried to lock up the rest to spay and neuter. Every time I thought I had them all, a new cat would appear.

“We are very fortunate to have amazing resources in my area, including a clinic that offers free spay and neutered community cats. At first, I was paying for traps, food and other supplies myself, but we’ve built a small following on Instagram and this community have been amazing about our continued fundraising with donations” .

She added, “I am also a member of TNR [trap, neuter, release] I advocate and spend all my free time rescuing stray animals.”

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday that feral cats celebrate. As shown on social media accounts by @poetssquarecats, they were given treats to the cats in small pumpkin bowls for Halloween.

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