Stores Are Selling COVID Tests For Major Profits On Delivery Apps

Image of the article Shops Are Testing for COVID-19 on Food Delivery Apps

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Now, COVID is at home Tests are worth their weight in gold. despite of Concerns about its accuracy, especially with the Omicron variant, it was almost impossible to find home tests since pre-holiday travel rush. Now, with stocks slowly returning, some Seamless and Uber Eats users are finding the tests ready for delivery — for a hefty cost.

vice Digging through a series of stores and apps to gauge the current antigen test market, and found some accurately monitored prices. Some stores try to justify speculation by bundling tests with things like thermometers or medicine, while others unabashedly double prices for tests only. from deputy:

A Manhattan liquor and snack store is advertising two packs of Binax Quick Tests on Seamless for $80 (retail price $24) as one of the “new items” along with the corn dogs and garlic bread. Liquid Assets, a Brooklyn liquor store, offers two at-home iHealth quick tests for $39.99 when they cost $14 from the supplier. It offers pricey, oversized packages, shipping up to $124.99 for a “Covid Fighter Pack” that features two iHealth Tests, a digital thermometer, 32 ounces of Gatorade, a box of 124 Kleenex, and one box of 16 DayQui capsules, and 1 pack of 16 NyQuil capsules, 1 box of Emergen-C Drink Mix, and 1 sachet of 24 Recolas. However, these items combined should cost $90 at most.

Village Farm Pet Food, which appears to be a seamless pet store and only Grubhub, sells cat food, dog food, and various kinds of quick tests. Charges $49.99 for two iHealth Quick Tests that cost $14, and charges $59.99 for two Access Bio tests while they cost $16.75 per target, $49.99 for a QuickVue test that costs $23.99 at Walgreens, and $29.99 to test FlowFlex It costs $9.99. His most popular option, the BinaxNow Quick Test, goes for $49.99 at Pet Foods but USD 23.99 in another place.

This scalping is not limited to Manhattan. I checked out both apps here in Brooklyn, and found the same directions:

Image of the article Shops Are Testing for COVID-19 on Food Delivery Apps

screenshot: Steve DaSilva, SLS, Uber Eats

With lines for PCR tests up to standard lengthsresponse from the current administration.Search on Google, “Even tests of questionable accuracy will still be in high demand until this wave of infection is gone. These Rideshare and delivery apps help in-store scalp buyers, pricing people out of tests — and far from the security they can provide.


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