Stock up on your Thanksgiving must-haves right now

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Do you do all the shopping? How about for your furry friends? If not, we’ve got Petco covered with not only a Thanksgiving treat, but delicious treats for our cats and dogs.

While researching Thanksgiving-themed dog toys, I realized that Petco not only has a number of these, including a turkey with rope legs and a plush ham bone that says “Bone to Be Wild,” but they also have dog and cat food they actually are. Like feeding them Thanksgiving dinner in a can. (I know this didn’t sound very appetizing, but that’s probably because we’re not dogs or cats.)

While the selection of specific Thanksgiving products isn’t all that great, with only 13 results on the search page, it’s still a nice little surprise for those of us who really thought stores were going from Halloween right through Christmas.

So what Thanksgiving meals our furry friends can enjoy thanks to Petco?

Petco has Thanksgiving items we didn’t know our pet needed

First up is Merrick’s Grain Free Wet Dog Food. This comes in a 12-ounce can and is available in a 12-ounce can, so if your pup loves these flavors or you want them to enjoy their holiday meal for more than a day, this is a great option.

Are you looking for a smaller size that fits a smaller breed of dog? There is something for these pups, too. The smaller portion of dog food is Merrick Lil’s grain-free bowls, Thanksgiving mini dinners, and wet dog food.

And of course, we can’t neglect our feline friends. They also have an option to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, this time in the form of Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Thanksgiving Day wet cat food.

If any of these goodies, from food to games, are something you want your fuzzy friends to enjoy on Thanksgiving, you’ll want to get them soon, because the stuff is definitely on sale and in limited supply.

What do you think fellow dog lovers (and cats)? Are these the kinds of treats you want for your pup on Thanksgiving? Would you rip something out of Petco at your dog’s Thanksgiving? We want to know.

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