Smyth animal control credits rescues for drop in euthanasia rates |

Officers deal with annoying animal calls and carry out welfare checks on those outside. New laws require animals to be protected during weather below 32 degrees or above 85 degrees and during inclement weather.

Bennett said officers advise animal owners about appropriate shelter and laws regarding their animals.

“Education has gone a long way on that,” said Officer Jason Mash. “It’s a long process, but we got there.”

“You educate the person the first time, and if you are called again, you take action,” Bennett said.

Some animal owners seem to ignore the comfort of their animals, “but we’re starting to see a shift in that kind of thinking here,” Mash said.

“When people see the severity of the results,” Bennett said.

“Everyone has a responsibility to care for an animal,” he said. “Most people here take good care of their dogs.”

Bennett said the shelter receives numerous calls about dog theft, and there are many posts on social media about missing dogs, but officers have not found evidence of individuals or groups stealing dogs or dogs for sale. Many, he said, may turn away from their homes and get lost. Properly accurate labeling and shipping can help when searching for lost animals.

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