Smalls Reviews: High Quality Cat Food Like Human-Grade Meals

Cat food is no longer confined to patties, soup bags, and snacks. If you want to try something new, you can try raw foods, freeze-dried foods, or fresh meals. You can buy cat food online, in a store, or make your own.

Some brands, such as Smalls, are taking advantage of this opportunity and helping to redefine what it means to buy and feed your cat.

Matt Michaelson, co-founder and CEO of Smalls, described this restaurant as “the closest thing to homemade food, you know, without making it in-house.” With its subscription-based approach and a wide range of texture and taste options, Smalls appears to be the food for today’s cat guardian.

Smalls’ journey began in 2017 with co-founders Matt Michaelson and Calvin Bohn. The founders of Smalls decided to share their recipes with the world after preparing a basic homemade cat food at their East Village residence in New York.

Smalls makes fresh, human-grade cat food from ethically grown ingredients in recipes that are rich in protein and free from grains, fillers, and chemical additives. Complete a survey about your cat to get personalized eating plan recommendations and start your membership.

While the concept of personalized cat meal plans, high-quality ingredients, and meals that respect the requirements of cats as carnivores is appealing, Smalls falls short in key areas. In this review, you’ll discover the benefits of Smalls, as well as whether they are a suitable option for your cat.

Smalls recipes are all human grade, which means they are prepared using ingredients that are USDA certified and safe for human ingestion. These ingredients are responsibly sourced from the United States and Canada.

Fresh Smalls food is prepared in USDA certified kitchens using protein-rich recipes that are free of byproducts, fillers and artificial additives.

Brainerd, Minnesota, is where Smalls’ food is made. Their wet food formulations are manufactured in Chicago, Illinois, while their freeze-dried meals are manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Each batch is carefully tested for germs that may be present in the food. The company also performs frequent periodic checks to ensure that the nutritional value of its dishes is adequate.

Smalls cat food formulas are made in collaboration with Susan Lawton, Ph.D., pet nutrition expert.

Kitten food comes in minced and pate textures, as well as raw, freeze-dried food and treats. Their wet meal is not your average slop pack. Smalls is a home-style meal that looks and smells like the kind of meat you’d have for dinner, whether it’s chopped up or blended into a paté.

Similarly, Smalls freeze-dried foods are prepared using simple basic ingredients. Their food can be compared to other dry, grain-free meals, with meat as the main ingredient and various legumes keeping them together.

Although Smalls was established only a few years ago, the company’s product portfolio has undergone several major modifications. Smalls was (and still is) a primarily fresh cat food company, but now it also sells freeze-dried treats and treats.

Smalls cat food comes in a variety of tastes. Fresh, human-friendly cat food is available in four different proteins and two different textures. Soft or minced chicken, turkey, beef, or fish is available.

Smalls freeze-dried raw food is a healthy alternative to traditional extruded food. They are available in three different protein options: chicken, turkey and duck. These meals are freeze dried to preserve their nutritional integrity while providing an enjoyable crunch.

Smalls also offers food prepared with the same human ingredients as other recipes if your cat prefers dry food in the traditional style.

All kittens meals are designed with the help of a veterinary nutritionist to meet the nutritional requirements of AAFCO for all stages of life. They are rich in protein, meat as the primary ingredient, and free of problematic additives like corn, wheat, soy, carrageenan, and artificial colors.

Currently, Smalls cat food is available in two types:

Human grade fresh cat food

Smalls fresh cat food recipes are made with all-natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption. Among the flavors:

  • bird: This chicken protein is made from 92% chicken breast and thigh, 6% liver and 2% heart.
  • Another bird: This bird is made from 91 percent turkey thighs and 9 percent chicken liver, which is a mixture of turkey and chicken.
  • a cow: Prepared from 90% lean ground beef and 10% beef liver and heart.
  • Fish: This variety is made with 85% wild Alaskan pollock, 9% mackerel and 6% salmon oil.

Freeze-dried raw cat food

Smalls’ raw, freeze-dried recipes are a great protein-rich alternative to traditional kibble for cats that love crunch or if you need an easy-to-serve treat.

Flavors include:

  • raw birds: Freeze-dried chicken.
  • Other raw birds: Freeze-dried turkey.
  • Raw waterfowl: Freeze-dried duck.

Aside from the brand’s promise to provide your cat with only the healthiest cat meals, here are a few reasons why Smalls are a great choice for your cat:

  • The meals are fresh and made using only the best ingredients.
  • They have a wide range of recipes.
  • They provide an easy-to-use website where you can complete a few questions to determine the perfect plan for your cat.
  • It’s a subscription meal service for cats, which means foods are delivered to you automatically, eliminating the need to rush to the pet store.
  • Smalls recipes are entirely produced in the United States.
  • The packaging is completely recyclable.

If your cat doesn’t like any of the tastes or textures, Smalls will fully refund your purchase.

picture 1

Each customer receives a weekly sample pack including five packs of fresh food – about 23 servings – at 25% off. That brings the total to $33.75, or roughly $1.50 per serving.

Unlike some other fresh pet food brands, kittens do not divide your cat’s meals based on body weight. Instead, the business sends you a monthly supply of cat food that they consider suitable for your cat’s requirements.

Fresh small food will cost between $1.00 and $3.50 per day, depending on your cat’s size and calorie needs.

If fresh food is out of the question, Smalls has plans that include freeze-dried foods or a kibble. The kibble-only plan is the most economical, costing about $1 per day, while the more expensive plan costs about $4.90 per day and includes both freeze-dried food and fresh food.

The Smalls order procedure is similar to that of other fresh pet food companies such as Nom Nom. You begin by completing a questionnaire with information about your pet. Smalls then analyzes the information to build a personalized eating plan based on your cat’s calorie needs and preferences.

Smalls inquires about your cat’s spay/neuter status, body composition, and taste preferences, as well as basic information such as name and age.

The Smalls sends you to the checkout page once you complete the survey, where you can purchase a two-week sample pack, which contains all of their freshly prepared recipes (except that you choose to leave one). This sampling package contains five packages of fresh foods that are reduced by 25%, giving you about 23 servings for less than $1.50 per serving. Contact Smalls by Phone Monday-Thursday: 10AM-7PM EST, Fri: 10AM-6PM EST,Saturday-Sunday: 1PM-6PM EST, or send mail letter to:

  • Tel: 503487 4303
  • Email:

Smalls is a new cat food brand that offers a wide range of meals and meal plans that meet your cat’s requirements as a carnivore.

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