Simple ways to make your garden more sustainable

What’s your number one tip for fellow Ipswich residents who want to build and nurture their sustainable garden?

The most important thing in the garden is to improve the health of your soil with plenty of organic matter and compost. This breaks up the mud and improves drainage while retaining moisture, providing more nutrients for plants.

I have hens that also do a lot of this for me, and I am very committed to chopping up all my green waste and spreading it back out on the garden beds as a cover. A good layer of coarse mulch up to 100mm deep certainly helps reduce watering requirements and reduce weeds.

Finally, why is it so important to work with a landscape designer on this garden project?

You have reached the point where you have run out of ideas and knowledge. I wanted new ideas about “sustainable” and appropriate plants, with some suggestions for re-landscaping the back of the property. When I attended a council event in Queens Park, I was impressed by guest speaker, Jonathan Gregory, who spoke about what he was doing with his Quarry Street property.

I realized, “This is what I need to move forward with my property.” Working with Jonathan was a very rewarding process as his background in design and his passion for native plants helped me see the garden layout and details from a different perspective.

We were able to enhance the landscape experience by grouping similar plants to increase their visual impact, raising tree canopies to create views and reducing crowding, defining entry points by planting features and providing informal seating opportunities, while maintaining a sense of individuality and ownership.

It’s not a traditional “show garden,” but what I set out to create – a sustainable, low-maintenance park that uses a select group of indigenous and exotic people that have created a wildlife refuge. In fact, we have many species of birds that we just didn’t see when we moved 10 years ago.

Sustainable Open Garden Tour – Suburban Park in Silkstone
Saturday 27 November

This event is sold out. However, to register for Ipswich’s Sustainable Month events, visit

The Sustainable Ipswich Month is served by the support of the following partners:
Ipswich Libraries, Council Habitat Gardens Program, Ipswich Waste Services, Ipswich Nurseries, Council Active Children’s Program, and Garage Sale Path.

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