Should Hersey’s Kiss Be Pennsylvania’s Official State Candy?

I’ve never heard of a country having an official dessert until now. And if it has the potential to become a nationwide thing, why not start it here in Pennsylvania? There are actually many different status symbols that range from the state animal, the state bird, all the way to the state fossil. So it makes sense to have a status candy, right? I think it’s long overdue.

I love the initiative started by a few students from Bucks County. They’re lobbying to call Hirsey’s Kiss the official Pennsylvania dessert. According to Levittown Now, with the help of Representative Tom Mehaffie, the kids introduced legislation to get the ball rolling and make this thing official.

“indication of [Hershey’s] A kiss like a state candy will not only bring more interest to our state, but it will also commemorate the company and candy that forever impacted our state’s economy and values,” Mahaffy stated in a memo to the House of Representatives.

If there’s a formal dessert, it makes sense that it’s a hersey kiss. I mean, hey, we have a whole Hersey garden! According to Mehaffie’s note, the Hershey Company has supported the dairy industry in Pennsylvania for more than 125 years.

There are a lot of people aboard this movement. It even surpassed Bucks County. According to Levittown Now, the students created a website, criticized their initiative all over social media, and garnered the support of lawmakers.

What do you think? Should the Hersey kiss be the next state symbol? I don’t think there will be many objections. Especially since Hersey’s mini bars have been voted the favorite Halloween candy in Pennsylvania, according to Fox 43.

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