Sethness Roquette fills big shoes of soon-to-retire sales manager

Skokie, Elle. Sethness Roquette announced on December 16 the addition of David Humphrey to her team as Senior Accounts Manager. Humphrey has 31 years of regional sales and marketing experience from a wide range of industries, including food, nutrition, specialty chemicals, household products and other areas.

Humphrey joined the company after serving as Technical Sales Director at Garsim Industries for the past 11 years. He will take over the Roths’ accounts in New England and along the East Coast when Roth retires. Aldo Ripley, Sethness’s director of sales, will take over Al Roth’s Florida accounts.

Roth first joined Sethness Roquette in 1981 and plans to retire after 40 years with the company at the end of 2021.

“Al has been the face of the company on the East Coast, and for the food and beverage industry, for four decades,” said Tom Schoffrieder, President of America at Sethness Roquette. “He is equally loved and respected by colleagues and clients. No co-worker has ever been as diligent, honest, ethical and dedicated. Al has always provided strong leadership within the company and in the industry. He has been a wonderful mentor to many of us.”

Sethness Roquette is a global leader in providing caramel colors to various food and beverage industries, including pet food.

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