Sensible Ideas When You Take Them Along

These past months have brought me closer to my cat, and they are to me. Animal shelters, rescues and breeders have reported an increased interest in dog ownership as socially remote Americans have turned to canine companionship.

We may have spent more time at home with our pets than ever before, and as vaccine rollout continues and travel restrictions around the world begin to relax (hanging booms like the Omicron variant, of course), many pet owners have a renewed interest in travel, and are looking forward to Take four-legged friends with them.

To help you have the best trip possible, InsureMyTrip shared tips for a fun vacation with pets, whether it’s a dog or a cat. Keep this in mind as you consider your pet’s comfort as well as your wishes.

Do your research

Check carefully when you book your accommodations, as many hotels charge extra to accommodate your pet, so be sure to research hotels that accept pets without an unexpected extra cost.

The option is a vacation rental. Popular sites like Airbnb or VRBO have search functions that filter vacation homes suitable for pets.

There are also a number of apps that act as a handy guide when you’re on the road with your pet. For example, All Trails can help you find suitable outings for dogs, BringFido allows you to find hotels, attractions and restaurants that welcome pets, and Pet First Aid Training by American Red Cross – Cats and Dogs Training Online – helps you locate Nearest animal emergency hospital.

to equip

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you’ve packed all the essentials for your furry friend. Strong leash, seat belt, waste bags, identification tags, candy, and pet food are some of the important items to include in your packing list. However, most of these items may be available at your destination if you forget them.

Copies of your pet’s medical records and travel documents may help prove ownership, health and vaccination history if needed or an official asked to see them. Medicines should be clearly labeled and packaged in a safe place.

Scoring the microchips is another precaution to keep them safe.

And consider contacting your vet for advice and medication to keep your pet calm.

travel by plane

Carefully review the airline’s pet policy before booking your reservation. Some US airlines, such as United Airlines and American Airlines, have temporarily suspended or restricted pet-carrying policies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Policies and prices vary between airlines and can sometimes depend on the country you’re flying to (domestic or international) and the size and breed of your pet.

Consider contacting the airlines directly to confirm their policies at the airport and on the plane to limit any issues with the day of travel at the airport. Some airlines are more pet-friendly than others, so it’s important to plan ahead.

car and RV

If you are traveling by car, your safety and the safety of your pet is your top priority. Use a special seat belt or seat belt to make sure they can’t get around the vehicle and distract the driver.

A pet carrier is also a good choice. Make sure they are familiar with it before they are put inside, and that it is a good size for them, as they should be able to stand and lie comfortably. These options will help protect your pet not only from his ability to distract the driver, but also in the event of a sudden stop.

Bring toys and familiar things they enjoy and can keep them in a holder.

rest stop

Just like humans, our pets need frequent stops to get water, toilet breaks, and stretch their legs. Prepare accordingly and include these stops in your travel itinerary.

Consider another human travel partner to help share the responsibilities of driving and caring for pets.

means of comfort

Once all the basics are packed in and health and safety checks are in place, it’s worth packing a few of your pet’s favorite items. Bring a pet bag containing her favorite food, her favorite food, her toys, and a blanket.

Once you’re ready to go, leave them a favorite toy to keep them occupied for as long as possible, especially if they are a nervous pet. This is the time for medication, if suggested.

Then go, see the world!


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