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About two weeks ago, students at Bentley Wood High School noticed a new Community Edition. Many students call him Rio, while others have come up with their own, like Toby for the cat. Having a school cat wondering around our fields has been great for the students who have already become attached to it.

The cat belongs to the caretaker of the school, who brings his cat with him to work, when there is no one to take care of her at home.

Students’ opinions

In particular, seventh and eighth year students are fascinated by Ryo, and some of them bring cat food every break time to feed him. On one occasion, a seventh grader gave her winter scarf as a blanket to Rio because he was getting cold. “Sometimes I like to talk to cats and Ryo is really my best friend at school. Ryo reminds me of the cat I used to have and it brings back memories!” says Inaya, a seventh grader. Another student, Jana who has become very close to Rio, says “I am very close to Rio, I bring food to feed him every break time and I love to pet him.”

Sometimes groups of seventh graders gather around Ryo and try to catch him, but he tries to escape when he feels overwhelmed.

“Seeing Ryo after a long and stressful day at school is the most relaxing thing for me, it reminds me of my cat!” said sixth grader Nasreen Hassan. Zohal Tokhi is another 6th grader who remembers her time in elementary school when “we used to have a hamster for each group we would take care of and play with. Every lunchtime we would play with it, and even dragged to pick the name, Snowy. Seeing Ryo reminds me of my time in school.” Primary “.

Are pets at school a great idea?

Students believe that having animals, such as cats or hamsters, for each year group would be a great idea as it helps relieve stress, especially during exam season. Dogs will be difficult to handle, and some students are afraid of dogs, so having a group cat for a year can help improve mental health, as students feel calm and relaxed around the animals.

Overall, Rio has helped new students feel comfortable and is loved by members of the Bentley Wood community. Seeing Ryo is part of the daily routine of many students at school, and when they don’t see him, the day seems incomplete!

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