Saga’s First Official Live-Action ‘Adaptation’ Arrives in a Taco Bell Commercial

Marko captures the craving for the latest Taco Bell menu items in a new commercial that capitalizes on the excitement of growing audiences for the Saga’s return.

Two cosplayers apparently bound by the convention, dressed as Marco long story, they gather on a subway platform in Taco Bell’s latest ad.

The ad, promoting Taco Bell Double Grilled Cheese Burrito, sees long story The cosplayers get to know and make their way toward each other to discuss their common comedic interests before the signature junk food bell rings, signifying their cravings for a taco. This is one of a recent Taco Bell ad series featuring potential encounters that was halted by an unstoppable passion for the cuisine of a Mexican restaurant chain. Unfortunately, for comic book fans, this latest ad is a brief introduction to Taco Bell’s latest ad campaign, and therefore doesn’t show more. long story Characters beyond Marco.

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Unlike the hugely popular Image Comics space opera by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, which chronicles the politically charged love story between Marco and Alana from the perspective of their daughter Hazel, Taco Bell ads focus on the two Marcos. However, the homemade costumes in the commercial are sure to be familiar to longtime convention goers, as Vaughan and Staples’ one-of-a-kind cast of characters have been popular costume fodder since their debut in 2012.

A painful final case of long story Fans took a torturously long hiatus in the summer of 2018. With the series returning in 2022, nearly a decade after its first release, Taco Bell picked the perfect time to cash in on the series’ renewed fan excitement. The chain restaurant even granted Marco a happier fate than that indicated by the final painting of Vaughan and Staples’ latest issue of long story.

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While the popular long story Often tempted to the page by Hollywood producers hoping to bring the sprawling space saga on screen in some capacity, Vaughan was never too keen on the idea of ​​an adaptation. Although it hasn’t been completely ruled out, some time may pass before long story Fans see Marco on screen outside this short Taco Bell commercial.

Apart from the last nod to long storyTaco Bell was making other niche ads that appealed to aspects of nerd culture. The restaurant chose Joe Kerry and Sarah Hyland for shining– A horrific parody to promote the permanent comeback of the Taco Fries movie and to announce a parody of the Taco Bell anime, Fry ForceFans enjoyed her comic interpretation of anime genres so much that there was a call to turn the ad into a full anime series.

The first nine volumes of . were collected long story Available at online and online retailers, just in time for readers to catch up or update before publishing begins again in January 2022.

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