Raw Pet Food Deli Opens in Webster

WEBSTER, NY – A new pet food restaurant specializing in raw, all-natural cat and dog food has opened in Webster.

pet food project Offers a small selection of pet food specially made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Chef Tony Torturesi’s culinary career has taken him around the world. He has come to Webster and is now making healthy pet food for the Pet Food Venture.

“This is one of the best chickens you can buy and we make it for pets,” Tortorici said.

Dog and cat food consists of locally sourced meat, fish, organs, bones, vegetables, and herbs. It is raw food. Some call it an inherited diet. No cheap fillers and no chemicals.

“All of our recipes are 80% lean protein, 10% bone, 10% organic, and there’s just a dash of fruit and vegetables in there. We’re seeing a trend in this food, and people are looking at their diets and saying, ‘Well, if it’s Should I not eat processed foods all the time, should my dog ​​eat processed foods all the time?”

Chef Tony was inspired by his Australian shepherd brothers – Howie, Rosie and Fletcher. Hopefully the raw diet will translate to a longer life. Meals are made to order. Customers choose the best for their pets.

“Most people are not afraid of price because their pets are their family and it takes what it takes to take care of yours,” he said.

You can order dog and cat food from the Pet Food Project Online or by phone (585) 787-4044. Meals are available for curbside pickup or home delivery. The Pet Food Project is located at 680 Ridge Road, Webster.


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