Publix limiting holiday food purchases due to supply chain shortage

This year, Thanksgiving dinner may be hit by supply chain shortages. Some major grocery stores like Publix are now limiting the amount of food you can buy before the holidays.

Surprisingly, most shoppers don’t care how the purchase limit affects their Thanksgiving plans.

Publix Grocery Shoppers

“There may not be much on the shelf, but something is on the shelf. We’ll have Thanksgiving,” Publix shopper Rachel Shipp says.

This is the common message Thanksgiving shoppers share as they load up their carts before Thursday’s feast.

“I’ve seen a few empty places on the shelves, but they have everything we need for plates and side dishes and all the staples are in there,” says Barry Schrimsher, exiting the grocery store with bags in hand.

Staples may remain on the shelves because people are not allowed to take them all.

John Armayor, a Publix shopper, says a cap is probably a good thing; “What we dealt with with the pandemic initially, is probably the right thing to do, because sometimes people have shown that they need to be limited.”

A statement from a Publix spokesperson explains, “Due to ongoing supply issues and increased holiday demand, and to better serve the majority of our customers, purchase limits have been set for items in certain departments.”

“It’s probably not a bad idea to make sure people have a chance to get at least a little of everything they need,” Schremscher says.

However, most people shopping did not notice the buying limits. It was the bare shelves that surprised many people.

“This is the fifth store I’ve been trying to get hashbrowns, and no luck,” says shopper Brittany Scruggs.

Some items may vanish off the shelves, but the excitement around Thanksgiving? This will not end.

“We’ll figure something out either way!” Serges shouts.

It’s unclear how long Publix will restrict some purchases, as the supply chain issue has been an ongoing issue.

Here is the full list of items that are limited to two items per person:

Canned cranberry sauce
– crushed broth
– canned pie filling
Canola and vegetable oil
Cream cheese
Stuffed breakfast sausage
– paper napkins
– Disposable plates, cups and cutlery
Bath tissue
Chilled snacks (washable items)
Sports drinks
– Juices of the sterilized type (Capri Sun)
Canned cat food (assorted packages)
Chilled pet food

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