Publix Is Putting Purchase Limits on Holiday Staples

Thanksgiving is officially approaching, but if you haven’t bought your food yet, you’re not alone. Many people put off shopping until the last minute, but depending on where you shop, you may run into some problems. Publix places purchase restrictions on holiday staples, which may mean making some adjustments to your Thanksgiving menu.

Publix has announced that it will limit the amount customers can buy to 15 items, all of which are popular this time of year. These items include Thanksgiving must-haves like canned cranberry sauce and shredded gravy, along with some unusual items like bacon. Limits were set due to supply chain problems and high demand.

The following items are limited to two items per customer:

  • Canned cranberry sauce
  • broth broth
  • canned pie filling
  • Canola oil and vegetable oil
  • cream cheese
  • Bacon
  • Cabbage breakfast sausage
  • tissue paper
  • Disposable plates, cups and cutlery
  • bath tissue
  • Chilled snacks (Lunchable, etc.)
  • Sports drinks
  • Sterilized Juices (Capri Sun)
  • canned cat food
  • refrigerated pet food

If you’re running out or need any of these items and Publix is ​​your store of choice, you may need to switch your plans or shop elsewhere for now.

With Thanksgiving and other holidays on the horizon, more and more shoppers are flocking to grocery and stocking stores in fear of running out at home or in stores. Panic buying has led to a shortage of supply, according to news channel 8 on WTTA in Tampa.

Publix isn’t the only store with supply chain issues, and it’s been a huge problem for most retailers. ALDI, Costco, and Walmart have faced shortages of various items. In addition to running out of some items, stores are also forced to increase prices.

Winn-Dixie recently announced that turkey purchases were limited to one per customer. According to Bay News 9, the company said this is the only component it plans to limit at the moment.

The Thanksgiving table might look a little different this year. Embrace change and eat.


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