Photo Journey Through The Almost Failure of My Child Safe Dessert

Join me, won’t you, reader, by your efforts to bake. It didn’t come naturally to me, but every year Child Safe would ask me to make a small thing to donate to a candy auction. me too. It’s usually not that impressive, but it’s edible and can make a few bucks money and carry the table. This is good enough for me. But this year…you guys, it wasn’t easy. I think I stretched a little bit of my skill set.

candy for kids

Honestly, I was a bit tired by the time I finished, so I chose not to do the cake. I still have to wash the second half of the dishes, clean the cat boxes, take out the litter, ride my exercise bike, my vitamins for the week, shower, wash my hair, get dressed for tomorrow…you know how it is. Things had to be done. But my part of the event is ready for human consumption.

Just as a reminder, this year when you choose your dessert to take home from the auction, you can also pick up some chili dinners to go, too. They’ll sell hot peppers for $10 while supplies last. Each order will have enough chili for two and come with crackers and cheese to garnish. You can pick it up during the event that kicks off at 5:30 AM Foundry 324 in Sydalia. The actual auction starts at 6:30, but you can buy stuff with cash and carry the table early, I think.

Either way, please take pity on me and buy candy. It might not look great and it can be a bit messy but I promise you it’s delicious. I promise you.

Bakingly for you,

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