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reconsidering Someone once told me that one of Murphy’s Laws states that there is a direct ratio between the value of a rug and the probability that a cat will vomit on it. My cat is a vomiting machine, but I love it anyway. Your vet recommends small meals throughout the day as PetLibro’s Granary Automatic Pet Feeder plays.

What is that?

PetLibro’s Granary Automatic Pet Feeder is a programmable system for small animals that dispenses up to six portions of food each day.

Hardware Specifications:

  • 3 liter cable capacity
  • LED screen
  • Scheduled feeding up to 6 six times a day
  • Battery backup using three D batteries (not included)
  • Voice recording function
  • 5V USB-C Adapter, 110-240V AC Input
  • 80mA working current
  • Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 19 cm / 11 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs
  • 0° – 55° C / 32° – 131° F Operating Temperature

What’s in the box?

  • automatic pet feeder
  • Removable food bowl with stand
  • Transducer
  • USB-C power cable
  • desiccant bag
  • User’s Manual

Design and features:

Petlibro Grainary Automatic Pet Feeding Box.

Mostly cardboard packaging. It should be protective enough, since the feeder is made of strong plastic. I liked that the accessories and parts were stored in the food basket for shipping to reduce waste.

After unpacking, the feeder was assembled in minutes without tools. The fit and finish are great!

Below the feeder body is a battery compartment that holds three D batteries to act as a backup in the event of a power outage. It’s very comforting knowing that if I was away, my cat wouldn’t go hungry if my house power went out.

The power adapter is USB-C.

With the batteries inserted, the power adapter was plugged in and a 7-segment white LED prompted me to set the clock.

Programming was easy, skipping hours, 10 minutes and 1 minute. On devices like these, it’s not uncommon for the clock and programming settings to have only one button to optimize the settings. Not so with the Petlibro – + and – buttons, which means that even if you go past your intended settings, you don’t have to go everywhere again to get to the right setting. Cute – good.

Next, I programmed all six feeding times. Starting at midnight, I added dispensing the smallest amount of food every 4 hours.

Three liters of dry food can be added to the feeding bowl, but it is important that the volume is not too large.

There is a small window to check the food level, but it is a bit small so it can be seen clearly with the dark colored foods in the black feeder.

Depending on my cat’s age and size, a Petlibro will feed my cat 1.5 ounces of food, about ½ cup each day. I tested and measured the amount of food and was happy to report that the amount is constant from day to day. It’s definitely more consistent than I would have scooped out of the bag.

For me, the best feature of this nutrient is the small meals more often. The former feeder dispenses meals every six hours, but in larger quantities. Like many cats, my Poochie tends to eat her meal as quickly as she can, which upsets her stomach and results in the inevitable vomiting cleaning up. I hope that smaller meals more frequently (every four hours) will result in less paper towels being consumed in my house and happier, healthier cats.

If your puppy or cat needs a little food, the manual feeding button will provide a little food with every press. I don’t use it often, but it’s nice to have it there.

The bowl is made of stainless steel and can be easily removed for cleaning without the need to lift or turn the feeder. This is a big plus over other automatic feeders.

The pot holder is also removable.

The hopper can be removed for cleaning. When on the feeder, it locks in place to prevent spills if the feeder must be turned over by a naughty puppy or curious cat.

Under the locking lid there is a dryer bag to prevent food from rotting.

Button operation locks automatically to prevent accidental feeding, tampering with time or programming menus, and from button-obsessed toddlers.

Petlibro Grainary also has an interesting audio recording function. You can record a message of up to 30 seconds that becomes your furry girl at meal time. Recordings can be programmed up to 5 times per feed or turned off completely. The speaker isn’t particularly loud, but it does work and may be a fun way to condition your cat or puppy when they are called.

what I like:

  • Six feedings a day and constant portion control
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Removable stainless steel bowl

What I would like to change:

  • Slightly larger window to see the food level
  • Bigger hopper will be welcomed

Final thoughts:

The Petlibro Grainary Automatic Pet Feeder is the closest thing to a perfect dispensing system for my cat. Portions are accurate and consistent and I hope they help ease my furry friend’s tummy turmoil and the number of “sixth aisle cleanups” in my house. Great job, Petlibro!

price: $69.99 from Petlibro, $65.99 from Amazon
Where do I buy: Petlibro and Amazon
SourceThis review sample was provided by Petlibro.

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