Petco Worker Stands Up To Customer Taking Anger Out On Her: VIDEO

A retail worker pops up after she encounters a rude customer she’s been secretly shooting for.

A TikToker named Nic, who goes by @nicki20xx on the platform, shot the clip after several interactions with the rude customer, who is a regular at Petco where she works and harasss her and her co-workers every time.

Nick’s classmates on TikTokers praised her for standing up for herself and her teammates. See the video below.


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As Nic’s onscreen text revealed, conflict with this particular client is a weekly occurrence, despite their efforts to be helpful. I wrote:

“When this customer comes, she gasses my co-workers and I and is very disrespectful. We are always very helpful and kind but I end up treating my co-workers like trash.”

The client can be heard complaining in the background of Nick’s video, to which Nick responds by saying that she has informed her various managers of the problem.

In response, the customer silences Nick – and that was the last straw for her. Nick calmly put the client in his place.

“We are so kind to you every time you walk in and you don’t respect us. I won’t listen to you screaming at me. You can listen to us.”

In a TikTok follow-up, Nic revealed that every Friday the woman comes in looking for the same discontinued cat food, complaining that it’s not on the shelf every week.


Reply to @kathleena.niemer heres the context of the night. Thanks for all the support guys 🥺❤️

And though she and her co-workers go to great lengths to try to rectify the situation — notifying management, suggesting alternatives and even referring the woman to two other pet stores — she rattles them every week.

Understandably, Nick and her co-workers’ patience with the woman has grown. Her original video concludes with a simple lesson: As the woman complains again as she walks out the door, Nick wishes her a happy holiday, then calls her:

“It’s not hard to be nice.”

Then in a moment relating to anyone who has ever worked in customer service, Nick scolds the woman as soon as she is out of earshot:

“I’m sick of it. Every time you come here you treat us like sh*t!”

Others on TikTok have praised Nic, especially those who have had customer service experience themselves.

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Let’s all try to make treating customer service with respect one of our New Year’s resolutions.

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