Pet Talk Tuesday – New Year’s resolutions for your pets

Dr. Reed Stevens says it’s really important for your pet to have some goals this year and the two main topics are training and weight.

Dr. Stevens says that 60% of pets, whether parrots or dalmatians, are overweight and it is important to keep our pets fit. They will live longer, have a better quality of life, be better pets for you and will also be less expensive for you. The first thing you need to do is talk to your vet and find out what weight your pet should be. Next, Dr. Stevens says do some research. Talk to the folks at the pet store and find out the fewest calories in your budget that will be good for your pet. We make decisions about everything our pet eats, and it is your responsibility not to overfeed and not overfeed your pet with leftovers. Not only will this lead to weight gain, he says, but it could also cause a serious illness like pancreatitis. Then, replace all those expensive foods that you buy at the pet store with food. He says most pets don’t care what you give them, they just want your love and affection, so just give them candy food, I take dry dog ​​food from the bag or dry cat food from at the end go back to the vet and check your weight.

Finally training. Dr. Stevens says there are a lot of online training options, Zoom, there are some online classes and there is a lot of research out there. He says it’s never too late to train your dogs.

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