Pet Store Employee Argues With ‘Rude’ Customer in Viral Video

Soon, a video went viral showing a pet store employee arguing with a “rude” customer.

The video was posted to TikTok on Monday by Nic (@nicki20xx), who wrote: “This worries me every time. [I] Sorry saw it. So far, the post has received more than 1.1 million views and more than 138,000 likes.

“A fight with Karen at work,” the video script overlay said.

“When this customer comes, she ignites my co-workers with gas [me] Which is very disrespectful, “continued overlay.” We are always helpful and nice but I end up treating my co-workers like trash. “

At the beginning of the video, Nick greets the customer who is standing outside the camera.

“I always come here,” said the customer, “and there are always empty shelves.”

The customer kept complaining to Nic about the lack of inventory, saying, “It’s really frustrating. You should tell your boss or someone else.”

Nick then told the customer that her boss was “aware” of the problem but that response did not calm the customer, who continued to express her disappointment.

“I understand your frustration, but please don’t take it upon me,” Nick said.

After a few seconds, the customer tried to “silence” Nick. When one of Nic’s co-workers stepped in to help, the client tried to silence them both.

“Please don’t shut us up,” Nick said to the woman, “that’s really rude.”

In a follow-up video, Nick explained to viewers that the woman frequently visits the store to buy cat food, but the brand she wants has constantly ran out. Nick said the woman used to be rude with the store staff, even though they were keen to help her find other brands or direct her to other stores.

Many people are currently struggling to find their favorite brands of pet food. USA TODAY It reported that complications with the lack of shipping and aluminum led to a “scarcity problem” for the pet food industry.

The President and CEO of the Pet Food Institute, Dana Brooks, told Portland Press Herald That increased demand, lack of transportation and weather can also affect the availability of pet food.

“This can be further complicated by regulatory and commercial developments that ripple the supply chain, such as government incentives for renewable diesel affecting the pet food ingredients market and delays for cargo ships in US ports,” Brooks told the newspaper.

Unfortunately, the Pet Food Institute is “unable to predict how long the shortage will last” Portland Press Herald He said.

Many commentators have praised Nick for defending herself against a disgruntled client.

“The shaky sound is so relatable. I’m so proud of you!!” Exclaimed white chocolate mocha.

M said, “As a customer service worker, you’ve been amazing. I can already tell she’s making a big splash every single time. Props to you.”

Voe Jego wrote: “A way to stand your ground.”

Alondrita_chiquita commented: “You’re a rock star. You handled that. Props.”

“Yes, the customer isn’t always right,” added the Plumble Bees.

Soon, a video went viral showing a pet store employee arguing with a rude customer (not pictured).
JackF / istock

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