Pet food pantry continues to support community members | Local News

Diane Schofner, PAWS board member and owner of Sam Russell’s Pet Provisions, has run a pet food store since its inception last December.

The project is a partnership between Helping Hand of Hope and the PAWS Shelter Foundation. Donations are collected by the Foundation while distribution is through Helping Hand.

Schofner said that since April, she has been focusing more on collecting food donations from corporate and corporate sponsors, who have donated thousands of pounds of food.

She said they have now provided more than 23,000 pounds of food to community members who are also coming to a helping hand for food.

For every pound four cups of food, one cup equals roughly one plate of food, give or take the size of the animal. This equates to about 90,000 meals.

She said they do their best to try and buy 12 to 15 pounds of bags of pet food as they can last a family about a month if they only have one dog.

Schofner said there have been two months where donations haven’t been fast enough to meet demand, but they’ve now remained steady. She said they might consider branching out into surrounding counties.

“It just proves that there is a real need in our society,” Schofner said.

Hope Burke, executive director of Helping Hand, said she encourages community members to purchase additional pet food when they can support a pet food store.

Those who want to donate money or food can contact Sam Russell’s at 270-766-1955 or on his Facebook page. Those looking to take advantage of the store need to register with Helping Hand at 6796 S. Wilson Road, Elizabethtown.

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