Pet food manufacturer supports churches’ commitments to permanent Christmas trees

Pet food manufacturer KINMEL Park curated permanent Christmas trees in three churches for the last holiday season.

Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) has supported Kinmel Bay Church, St. Mary’s Church, and Festival Church in Twain through this initiative.

“This generous offer from IPN arrived just as we were thinking of planting perennial Christmas trees rather than cutting them down annually,” said Dylan Thomas, a city council writer for Twin and Kinmel Bay.

A year ago, IPN launched its “Positive Pawprint” project, with the goal of becoming the UK’s most sustainable pet food company.

It is already the first major UK pet food manufacturer to become carbon negative – having been certified to achieve this stature by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

The company is also working to offset each employee’s individual carbon footprint.

As part of Positive Pawprint, IPN has committed to planting one million trees, and has teamed up with Ecologi, an environmental organization that helps reduce global greenhouse gases by planting trees that has already planted more than 26 million trees worldwide.

IPN has planted nearly 30,000 trees so far and will plant a tree for every new online subscriber in December.

“I am delighted that we can support the churches’ commitment to having a perpetual tree,” said Hannah Page, Executive Director of Digital and Corporate Marketing at IPN.

“The work is focused on becoming the UK’s most sustainable home for pet grooming brands and planting trees, both locally and around the world, is an essential part of the programme.”

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