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Despite the COVID pandemic, the “PawRulz” team has struggled against all odds to conceptualize and deliver a digital platform.

DELHI, India, Dec 30, 2021 / — With the number of pets in families increasing, pet grooming is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Launched in 2020, PawRulz aims to improve the quality of life for our furry friends. Driven by their passion for animals, the founders of the startup created an online shopping mall by providing authentic food, over-the-counter medicine, and pet supplies and accessories. Despite the COVID pandemic, the “PawRulz” team has struggled against all odds to conceptualize and deliver a digital platform. The PawRulz team is now proud to offer over 108 brands of domestic and international pet food, hygiene and personal care products, toys and more. In keeping with their mission, their services extend to providing online consultations with veterinarians and pet experts.

“Launching this platform during the COVID lockdown has been the biggest challenge that supplies across India have faced,” said Dibali Dahya, Co-Founder and Managing Director, when reflecting on their year-and-a-half journey. The second wave was a quasi-apocalyptic scenario that threw humanity on a balance with its intensity and sudden appearance. Along with people, their pets have felt the COVID ripples, too. Delivery of food supplies to pets has been hampered. Despite the challenges, PawRulz operates as a thoroughbred one-stop shop for all pet needs and is growing fast. PawRulz is able to successfully deliver pet essentials with the help of local authorities, “The biggest help from the government has been to include over-the-counter medicines and pet food as essential items during the pandemic and allow them to be distributed to parents of household pets during the lockdown. Dibali Dahya: We were thrilled to be able to get pet supplies to their parents’ doorsteps.

Pets are one of the best stress relievers, and they can fill the void of loneliness with their unconditional love. Having a pet at home is good for the emotional well-being of the elderly as well as children. Despite its benefits, it has been difficult for many pet parents to continue to care for them. We have received calls from pet parents expressing their concern for their pets and how to keep them safe and healthy. With pet abandonment on the rise during the pandemic, the team at PawRulz on social media has made it easier to identify families for adoption and adoption. With the overwhelming response to our posts, it was heartening to see that most people stand by their pets even during these challenging times.

With a large number of pet adoptions, new parents need guidance on pet care and their integration into human families. Nikhil Sharma (Partner in Marketing and Technology) emphasized, “One has to remember that although they are domesticated, pets belong to the animal kingdom where food habits and behavioral patterns are different for each variety of pets. They need specific food and nutrition. Other than regular milk and bread, which is neither enough for appetite nor nutrition for pets.With the help of social media, content marketing, blogging and infographics, we have created awareness among pet parents regarding the vital aspects of knowing what to feed, how much, when to feed and potential allergens. Annual check-ups and vaccinations of pets are equally important. Pets need attention and care, just like our children. In fact, pets are very sensitive and can plunge into depression if they are not handled with love and care. Their mental health is of paramount importance to ensure that their pattern is not affected negative behaviour.

According to Deepali, they are social animals and must mingle with their own kind for “me time”. In some places, pet cafes of two kinds have appeared, one where pets are taken to mingle with other breeds, and the second, people go there to try the “pets”. Despite the abundance of interactions with pets, new parents of pets find it difficult to care for and raise their pets. We receive approximately 100 inquiries per day from prospective or new pet parents across a range of issues. At PawRulz, employees are trained to respond to inquiries, and if a problem arises that they haven’t encountered before, they call back after finding a solution. The first and mandatory criterion while interviewing a candidate for a job at PawRulz is compassion for animals.”

Nikhil Sharma spoke about how technology can help pet parents, and highlighted that PawRulz is constantly striving to transform digital platforms and processes, which is reflected in our levels of service and a better consumer experience. We can proudly say that we have one of the best repeat purchase ratios in the industry. Also, we are among the top two, right behind Amazon in our marketing and advertising impressions, far ahead of the rest of the online and vertical players. Also, the way celebrities have given the general public their loyalty in repeat orders, we are really grateful to them for the rapid growth of our venture.

Talking about the future plans of PawRulz, Kalpin Gandhi – Co-Founder and Director – mentioned entering into the ever-growing Make in India program by partnering with local manufacturers to develop world-class pet products and accessories in India. This will support the local economy while ensuring a sustainable ecosystem. PawRulz is also planning to expand its distribution network outside the existing NCR region to allow for faster pan-India delivery.” The startup will also expand its online veterinary consultancy by expanding its staff and vets.

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