Pahang floods claim lives of over 17,000 livestock, pets

KuantanDirector of the State Department of Veterinary Services, Dr. Kamalia Ghazali, said the floods in Pahang have claimed a total of 17,403 livestock and pets, and incurred losses estimated at more than RM1.4 million as of yesterday.

It said the loss involved 100 owners and breeders, most of whom are located in Kuantan, Bintung and Pekan regions.

Poultry recorded the highest mortality rate, namely chickens, which amounted to 14849, then ducks (1100), turkeys (412), cows (307), rabbits (210), goats (132), sheep (64) and cats (12). , dogs (8), buffaloes (4) and others (305).

So far, the department has received information regarding 40,473 animals affected by the floods and of this number, 17,403 animals have been reported to have died due to drowning.

“I think the numbers could be higher as there are still owners and breeders who have not reported death or loss of their animals,” she told reporters after providing cat food aid to flood victims in Surau Bukit Rangin Perdana 2 here today.

Besides, Kamaliya said, in an effort to ease the burden on farmers and animal breeders affected by the floods, the department went down to the field to distribute animal food.

“During the floods, we also helped move the animals to safer places and during the post-flood period as well. We also donated food to animal owners, for example, today a total of 24 cat owners received assistance.”

Meanwhile, benefactor Nurashkin Muhammed Radzi, 41, said she appreciates the help that can help her save money to buy food for her 16 pet cats.

“Thank you for this help because in a month, I have spent more than RM300 on cat food alone. With the house (in flood waters) inundated, Nurashkin, who lost seven cats in the floods, said there are many new things you need to buy or repaired, and then such a contribution is sorely needed. the name of the thing

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